Thursday, March 31, 2011

Has She Ever Told You, "One Thing Just Led To Another"?

So the two of you argue AGAIN, huh? She left and later on, usually through a girlfriend of her's that she had an argument with, you find out that she DID NOT go to that girlfriend's apartment when she left you. You approached YOUR GIRL (we will call her that "for now") with the information HER girlfriend told you and she admits (which RARELY HAPPENS) to it and tells you, "One Thing Just Led To Another" and FOOLishly YOU accepted it.

YOU DON'T HAVE TO ACCEPT THAT EXCUSE. There are women out there that DON'T play those games and NOT EMOTIONALLY STUCK ON STUPID for someone else so why WASTE YOUR TIME with someone like that?

That phrase MAY NOT be as easy a pill to swallow for MANY males out there and especially the ones that are desperate to be in a relationship and/or in denial about that relationship that they are in. Well, I am going to give you 2 versions of "One Thing Just Led To Another". Version 1 - What She Told You Happened and Version 2 - What Really Happened.

Version 1 - What She Told You Happened

- SHE decided she was NOT going to continue to argue (this is a good thing)
- SHE decided she was going to temporarily leave the house/apt (this is a good thing)
- SHE decided where she was going to go when she left
- One thing just led to another
- SHE leaves and returns home

** WARNING - PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK** - If you have ANY form of physical, emotional or mental health issues, I will not be held responsible if you proceed and ANY damage to your person or anyone else occurs as a result of your actions. Anyone with a PACEMAKER or a WEAK HEART should consult with a physician before continuing.

Version 2 - What Really Happened

- SHE decided she was NOT going to continue to argue (this is a good thing)
- SHE decided she was going to temporarily leave the house/apt (this is a good thing)
- SHE decided where she was going to go when she left
- SHE calls an ex or some other guy that been trying to "spank dat ass" so she can meet his somewhere and just talk (good men DEFINITELY excluded if one thing led to another)
- SHE meets him at a restaurant, bar, coffee shop, etc and discusses her situation (of course the guy will agree with everything she says)
- HE convinces her (which won't take much) to come to his place for a while so she can relax and compose herself before going back to her place (this part assumes that she did not just go directly to his place)
- SHE may or may not have (or have had) a drink so she simply sits and relaxes while ALL THE TIME he's trying to figure out how he's going to eventually "spank dat ass" before she walks out of his place
- SHE is spiling her guts out to him (maybe even crying) so he moves closer to console her
- SHE ALLOWS him to hold her and caress her
- HE moves in for more intimate contact with little or NO resistance from her
- SHE ALLOWS him to kiss her on the face, forehead, neck, etc again with little or NO resistance
- SHE responds by touching him which gives him the green light to continue with his advances
- HE reaches for the vital organs (breasts, inner thighs) and she puts up a little resistance for the purpose of her conscience
- HE continues and SHE co-signs it by ALLOWING him to continue
- HE is going for the flesh which means slowly removing her clothing with NO resistance (her conscience is clear since she resisted earlier so NOW she is simply a VICTIM of her EMOTIONS)
- Instead of RAW DOGGIN' her on the couch, he is going to show some CLASS (in her mind) by manervering her to his bedroom
- SHE WILLINGLY co-operates and goes to the bedroom with him
- HE proceeds to remove HER clothing WITHOUT RESISTANCE from her (oh yea, she may just help him out of his)
- THEY embrace, fondle each other and begin to kiss
- SHE ALLOWS him to do things to her that she may have not allowed you to do
- SHE DOES things to him that she may NOT have done to you (sorry playa')
- SHE leaves and returns home


SHE had multiple opportunities to say NO and walk away but SHE chose to continue.

CONCLUSION YOU have to decide:

- "Is that relationship worth remaining in"?
- "What are the benefits to YOU, if any, to remain in it"?
- "Will you DEMOTE her to booty call status or remain IN LOVE"?
- "Can YOU trust HERin the future"?
- "Do you REALLY believe Version 1"?
- LASTLY, "IF she is now (or later on gets) pregnant, WILL YOU REQUIRE A DNA TEST"?

I leave you to YOUR DECISION since it's YOU that will have to live with it. If you decide to remain simply SHUT UP, don't bring it up again and BE HAPPY that she deicded to come back to YOU.


  1. Well one thing led to another 2 times with my woman and her other man before I decided to call it quits. I will pass this one on to my boys. Thanks!

  2. LOL!!! The last time I heard that shit was when I was 26 or 27, and I was at the Black History month in Norway... I had a crush on a sister I hadn`t seen in years and she was justifying why at (22) she already had two kids. The famous: "One thing led to another"...what she had b
    And while she was telling me what she`d been up to the last 4 years since we finished graduated High School, I just couldn`t help but thinking to myself: "yeah... I know what led to another. Smiling to a thug, led to sucking his dyck. Sucking his dyck led to him fucking her real good. Fucking him led to her getting pregnant. Her getting pregnant once, led to getting pregnant two times from the same liar within the space of 4 years..."