Saturday, August 31, 2013

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: "Intelligent Communication and Personal Responsibility Classes"

Males MUST APPLY these 2 things that INCONSIDERATE and IRRESPONSIBLE females DO NOT like.  These WILL BE DISCUSSED in separate classes this Fall:


When you apply LOGIC, as opposed to SENSELESS EMOTION, you REMOVE her ability to DIVERT YOU from your intended purpose of communicating with her.


When you PLACE responsibility ON HER for the expenses SHE CREATES while being with you (i.e., paying her own way) OR for HER FOOLISH SPENDING (knowing that YOU or SOME OTHER MAN will help her out later), YOU ARE HELPING HER be a more responsible person IN THE END whether she likes it or not AND relieving yourself of UNNECESSARY FINANCIAL stress and maintain YOUR peace of mind. 

She will HAVE TO BE more responsible (with you at least) OR find herself a man that WANTS TO spend his money trying to BUY HIS WAY into her life by BAILING HER OUT of HER RESPONSIBILITIES.


I have decided that, at this time, I will post my classes ONLY on my Facebook page and on this blog site. If you have ANY friends that want to see them, they will have to:

1. Send me a Facebook friend request if they are on Facebook,

2. Come to this blog site, or

3. See them IF you click the Facebook "share" link and share on your page.

All of my classes are IMPORTANT but as I have stated time and time again:

"Knowledge is Useless if Not Applied" - Jai Duval

Friday, August 30, 2013

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: "It's Time for Males to Question a Female's Worth"

The time is LONG OVERDUE for a MENTAL MAKEOVER for males.

Too often I hear this, "I am a strong, independent woman" nonsense from females JUST BECAUSE they have a job.  Well, that means ABSOLUTELY nothing to me or men like me that would even be THINKING about being in a relationship WITH YOU.


This DOES APPLY to any SENSIBLE male that is seeking PERMANENT companionship with a WOMAN as opposed to a TEMPORARY hook up with a JUMP OFF or PAY PER VIEW HO.

This DOES NOT APPLY to males with that old fashioned, out-dated way of thinking.

This DOES NOT APPLY to males who feel the need to spend money and serve WITHOUT EXPECTATIONS a female in order to have her companionship.


If a woman CAN'T or REFUSE TO respond in a MATURE manner, she is NOT worth your time and you should IMMEDIATELY get rid of her before you FUCK UP your life and get into a relationship/marriage with her.


"Why should YOU be considered worthy enough to be in a relationship"?

VERY FEW males are raised to present that to a female because HE has been raised to DEVALUE HIMSELF to a point where HE FEELS he has to prove HIS WORTHINESS and all she has to do is ACCEPT HIM if she finds HIS DEEDS and QUALIFICATIONS worthy.


Man what in the fuck has happened to you?  How did you get mind-fucked such that you expect little to nothing from a female you may commit your life to?


Do you really think that you are READY for my NO NONSENSE classes?

That one-sided, self-devaluing SHIT must stop immediately which is one of the many classes that will be held to get males to RESTORE their DIGNITY, level of SELF WORTH and EXPECT any female he has a personal interest in to SHOW HER worthiness BEFORE he decides he MAY want to consider her as a mate.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: "Be Aware of Those Types That Will Argue Against Principles and Standards"

FALL 2013 CLASSES: "Be Aware of Those Types That Will Argue Against Principles and Standards in These Classes that are for YOUR Benefit"

I will breakdown each of these during one of the Fall 2013 classes.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: "How to Ruin a Boy's Life Even Before He Begins to Live"

Regardless of what females and SIMPs think, a female CANNOT teach a boy how to be a man.  What they do teach him is how to CATER TO and SERVE a female BEFORE she has even EARNED that kind of special treatment.


1.  Did this happen to YOU as a child?

2.  ARE YOU doing this to YOUR son?

3.  ARE YOU going to ALLOW this to happen to YOUR SON?


This VERY IMPORTANT subject that will be covered in MORE DETAIL in one of my Fall 2013 classes and in some cases repeated.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: "Do You Have the Balls and Backbone"

I'm sure that MANY of you will enjoy my class but FEAR the thought of that female you are with OR want to get to know KNOWING that you are in class because YOU are a SIMP.

Although it is quite disgusting, I believe that SOME (not many) of you can actually be SAVED. You just have to take the FIRST STEP which is believe in what I am saying is for YOUR PRESENT and FUTURE benefit.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: "If Only I Had The Opportunity to Educate Them"

Many times parents will attempt to raise their daughter(s) with the mindset of responsibility and courtesy and even though they do.... SHIT HAPPENS!!!


This DOES NOT APPLY to every home but DOES APPLY to most homes.


This is NOT the 40's, 60's or 80's.  We are moving closer to the year 2014 and beyond.  It is so PATHETIC that nowadays females have access to:

- Education

- Employment

- Independence

- Business Opportunities, and

- More Protection and Support Than Males Do Today

Yet, SO MANY of them HAVE FUCKED UP and are STILL FUCKING UP their lives with irresponsible,  inappropriate behavior and POOR choices in males (i.e., WILLINGLY choosing the player, pretty boy, thug, man ALREADY in a relationship or married man AND getting KNOCKED UP by them).


It begins at home and how MOST (not all) of them are raised by their RATCHET mom or SIMP dad.


I really don't think so and DEFINITELY NOT by the decent, everyday Joe because she will simply FUCK OVER HIM just like the LOSERS SHE CHOSE have FUCKED OVER HER.


The ONLY HELP that you can provide is "help yourself" by STAYING THE FUCK AWAY FROM THEM and leave them to THEIR fucked up situation.

DO NOT (let me repeat), DO NOT get emotional if she have a child or children and THINK, "If I help her and her child she will feel obligated to be in a relationship with me".


PRETTY FEMALES are going to be the MOST FUCKED UP because they are the ones that will have been SPOILED (as a child) and PRESENTED the most game by the players, thugs, etc so THEIR EXPECTATIONS are going to be much higher.


The ONLY difference is that THEIR EXPECTATIONS aren't as high because they KNOW and HAVE NOT BEEN offered as much as the pretty ones but MANY of them are JUST AS FUCKED UP as well.


If you DON'T HAVE the experience AND you DON'T read and learn from my posts, YOU WILL eventually ACCEPT one of these FUCKED UP females FOOLISHLY thinking you can change/repair her or hoping she will change FOR YOUR BETTER on her own.

Get yourself a MATURE, RESPONSIBLE woman and AVOID those females that are FUCKED UP and EXPECT YOU to NOW DO what the man (or men) that SHE ENJOYED FUCKING HER has REFUSED TO DO.

DO NOT BE SUCKERED into what a "so-called" REAL man is supposed to do FOR A WOMAN IN NEED because once you ALLOW someone like that into your life (my friends), YOU ARE FUCKED!!!!!

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: How To Recognize and Avoid an Immature Attack During a Discussion with a STUPID Female

MOST females will NEVER ADMIT to attempting to USE some information you give them in an attempt to DIVERT from a discussion when they don't have any LEGITIMATE contribution to make OR to use that UNRELATED information to ATTACK YOU. 

Usually she will become DEFENSIVE and ask for UNRELATED information from you in an ATTEMPT to USE IT in a FOOLISH and STUPID attempt to ATTACK YOU.



This ONLY APPLY to females that will attempt to do this.


MANY females are accustomed to behaving in this manner (being NOSY or curious as many put it) because TOO MANY males simply comply with their NOSY request WITHOUT QUESTIONING their reason for asking such. 

Here is a PERFECT EXAMPLE of what I am talking about AS WELL AS how I responded to her.


These comments are from one of my postings and my point of bringing this out is to encourage males to LEARN how to be aware of how a female will attempt to USE UNRELATED information to eventually come back at you with a STUPID comment.

(Her Name Removed) If you don't mind my asking, and out of pure curiosity, how old are you?

(Jai Duval) My age or my photo does not matter but for some odd reason I get both of those questions from STUPID women only.

Curiosity does not warrant information being given which is how I encourage males to think.

Curiosity without a valid need is typically used by black females to simply find a reason to ATTACK a man with something STUPID.

(Her Name Removed) I didn't ask for a photo but an age, which i gave my reason being curiosity, NOT to say something stupid, try to view each woman you encounter on the basis of their interaction with you not on some prior experience.

You are constantly defensive as though you expect every black female to attack you, and I say this without any malice... relax

My approach is not attackive, or if it is, it wasn't intentional, i inquire so that i gain a full understanding. I also tend to view things from unusual angles, as that is life, one explanation doesn't tell the full story

You don't have to reveal anything that makes you uncomfortable

Conversation does not have to be a battle, disagreement is not war, different perspectives promote growth

Enjoy the rest of your night

(Moises S. Salute) Orrrrrrrr his age had nothing to do with the subject at hand

(Jai Duval) NOTHING that I reveal or that is about me makes me uncomfortable. I simply DO NOT cater to the request of NOSY (i.e., curious) people. If someone wants information about me, I will give it ONLY if it BENEFITS ME and this is what I encourage other males to do when females come at them with CURIOSITY.

My point in NOT giving UNRELATED information is to show how MEANINGLESS it is to waste time giving that out. We need to focus on the point at hand as opposed to simply being CURIOUS and trust me when I say that "CURIOUSITY (by a STUPID female) is for a particular reason that many of them choose not to state UNTIL they BELIEVE they have something that they can RESPOND with AGAINST YOU after receiving that information". 

Again, their RESPONSE is usually in the IMMATURE "gotcha" response so I don't give ANY OF THEM the opportunity to come at me with such IMMATURE and STUPID responses.

The TRUE defensiveness is in the person that is CURIOUS for no legitimate reason which is really just being NOSY and I don't cater to a NOSY person's request and this is what I'm attempting to get other males to do.

I want you to enjoy your day. 


Part of what I will be attempting to do in my Fall 2013 classes is encourage males to STAY ON POINT and STOP ALLOWING females to BAIT them into USELESS or MEANINGLESS discussions when they (the female) realize what you are saying makes sense and what she tried to say is SENSELESS.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: "Is It Really HER Choice or THEIR Rejection of Her"

This will be presented in one of my Fall 2013 classes so we can go into this in detail but until then but PLEASE FEEL FREE to provide your comment here if you wish.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: "Stop Arguing or Debating Fairness and Responsibility with Her"

Males have to STOP this NONSENSE of constantly arguing or debating why a MENTALLY SANE and PHYSICALLY CAPABLE female should be FAIR-MINDED with him and RESPONSIBLE for herself.


This DOES APPLY to any and all females REGARDLESS of race, religion, education and economic status that REFUSE to be fair-minded and responsible and ESPECIALLY the WORKING FEMALE.



The time for FRUSTRATINGMEANINGLESS and ENDLESS arguing or debating IS OVER

Either females IMMEDIATELY start behaving in a fair-minded and responsible (for self) manner towards you or it's time for you to ABANDON HER.



So what is it going to be?

Monday, August 26, 2013

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: "This is Why I Don't Waste My Time with These Types"

You males can "like", "listen to" or "send" these types of females all of the "feel good, uplifting quotes (for HER BENEFIT of course)" that you want.


If these females are so STRONG, GREAT, INTELLIGENT, SENSITIVE and CONSIDERATE (obviously NOT when it comes to you), then why do they "sit on their asses" and NOT initiate contact, put forth continual effort or pay their own way when SPENDING TIME getting to know a DECENT male like yourself?


They don't value you.  They value what they can get from you.


They don't value you because YOU have been socially programmed and raised to NOT value yourself.  If you valued you, you would NOT try to buy your time (i.e., pay her way) in order to spend time with her getting to know her.


I am ALWAYS looking for males that WANT TO RESTORE their value and dignity as opposed to BUY TIME in order to SPEND TIME with a female.

Leave the WORKING DEADBEATS (won't pay their own way) alone. 

THERE ARE WORKING WOMEN that are responsible and NOT DEADBEATS that will RESPECT you, BE CONSIDERATE of you and PAY THEIR OWN WAY.  These WOMEN may be difficult to find but WELL WORTH the wait rather than wasting time with DEADBEATS.

Friday, August 23, 2013

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: "Tired of Kissing Ass but Just Don't Know What Else To Do"?

So many males have been RAISED TO KISS ASS to a point that THEY BELIEVE that is the ONLY way they are supposed to behave in order to get a female's ATTENTION or COMPANIONSHIP.


This DOES NOT APPLY to QUALITY women who are responsible for themselves (i.e., pay their own way), considerate of a man's own responsibilities and is respectful to others.


Believe it or not, THERE ARE "responsible" women that will respect you and DO NOT want you to kiss their ass but rather just be respectful to her and others AS WELL AS responsible for yourself.


THIS POST WILL irritate and offend females that are Ho's, Bitches, Ratchets, Deadbeats, Hood Rats, Skeezers to a point that THEY WILL call me "an asshole", "woman hater", "bitter", "idiot", "stupid", etc because that is simply how they think and I understand what SELFISHNESS and STUPIDITY is so those accusations do not offend me.


You can CONTINUE to KISS ASS or come to MY class and FREE YOUR MIND so that you will STOP that nonsense and spend time with QUALITY women.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: "Does She Really Think (or Know) She Can Come Back to You Whenever She Wants To"?

How many of you guys have been LOOKED AT and simply PASSED OVER because SHE FELT that YOU were NOT GOOD LOOKING ENOUGH or DID NOT HAVE THE ABILITY (or potential ability) to PROVIDE ENOUGH to satisfy her?


This DOES APPLY to all of you males out there that have been passed over BUT HAVE NOT YET been revisited by a NOW DOWN AND OUT female that passed you over.


Learn from those of US that had to learn the HARD WAY and are NOW attempting to provide you with WISDOM and EXPERIENCE so that you will NOT make the same STUPID mistakes MANY OF US made in our past.


If you REFUSE to learn from me and others then accept the consequences of your INEXPERIENCED choices and BLAME NO ONE if the outcome is disappointing and/or damaging TO YOU.


Move FORWARD with your life and DO NOT LOOK BACK AT HER.  There are QUALITY WOMEN ahead of you so why LOOK BACK at someone with FINANCIAL BURDENS or is now a PACKAGED DEAL that did not want you in the past.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: "Know How a Female Thinks BEFORE You Have Sex with Her"

This is a PERFECT example of "selfish" and "irrational" thinking that will WASTE a man's time and potentially RUIN his life IF he is STUPID enough.

My posts are intended to REPROGRAM males and enlighten them as to what NOT to get involved with when it comes to female interaction.


If you DO NOT APPLY logic and wisdom, YOU stand a greater chance of RUINING your life while some THOUGHTLESS, INCONSIDERATE female BENEFITS from your STUPID decisions and behavior.

Is that how you want YOUR LIFE (not her's) to end up?

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: "Stop Blaming the Male for Her Stupid Choice"

Males need to start holding females RESPONSIBLE and ACCOUNTABLE for their decision to get KNOCKED UP by some deadbeat INSTEAD of putting the fault on the deadbeat.


This DOES APPLY to all females that are out there whining, bitching, complaining or BLAMING some deadbeat for her struggling situation as a parent.


I have NO PITY for females in a position like that because THEY ENJOYED the pleasure of fucking him so THEY need to ACCEPT the pain and struggle of ALL the responsibilities of being a parent WITHOUT HIM.


A RESPONSIBLE (not the bullshit term "real") and PROUD mother will NOT look for some other man to ASSUME the RESPONSIBILITIES of HER FUCK UP by helping support her and SOME OTHER MAN'S child.  SHE CAN be a companion to the other man WITHOUT being a DEADBEAT herself and a FINANCIAL liability to him.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: "Sucker Once Shame On Her. Sucker Twice Shame On You"

Blame NO ONE but yourself IF you REPEAT that same STUPID behavior and GET BURNED again.


STUPID. Doing something that YOU KNOW you should not be doing yet YOU DO it anyway.


It's so interesting how males are treated so differently from females when EITHER OF THEM get BURNED (i.e., abused or taken advantage of) when interacting with the opposite sex.

MALE (gets burned).  Be quite about it.  Don't let anyone else know what happened to you.  Take it like a man because that's part of life.

FEMALE (gets burned).  Oh my God STOP everything.  She has access to all kinds of FEMALE support groups.  She even gets support from MALE support groups.  She has to be heard to INFORM and PROTECT other females from having that happen to them.  Get her on STEVE HARVEYOPRAH and DR. PHIL to let all women know about those ABUSIVE males.  Go to COUNSELING sessions to deal with it to help her AVOID those situations again.


Most of us will have been involved in one or more of these situations. The key is NOT that it happened but rather YOU REPEATED it again and again.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: "Being a Cheap, Selfish, Asshole Benefits You Not Her"

Females have ALWAYS called me a "cheap, selfish, asshole" that will NEVER have a good woman in my life.

My response has and will always been, "My cheap, selfish, asshole personality will ATTRACT responsible, considerate women and IRRITATE and RUN AWAY Pay-Per-View Ho's and Entitlement Minded Bitches".


THIS IS about encouraging males to think and do for THEIR BENEFIT. They should obtain marketable skills, work hard and earn a good living and then:

- REWARD themselves

- BE GOOD to themselves

- SPEND their HARD EARNED MONEY on themselves


- SPEND TIME ONLY with women that are RESPONSIBLE for themselves

- BUY THINGS that YOU want that will PLEASE YOU and NOT TO PLEASE some female

- TRAVEL to other places WITHOUT bringing a FINANCIAL LIABILITY with you BECAUSE you will ALWAYS have access to OTHER FEMALES once you get where you are going.

- USE PROTECTION when engaging in SEXUAL activity and DO NOT EJACULATE inside of a female or YOUR LIFE WILL become LIMITED and MISERABLE


When MOST women are DEVELOPING or HAVE PRODUCED a lifestyle that will REWARD THEM GREATLY (or so they think), they WILL NOT have time for you UNLESS you directly contribute to what will EVENTUALLY BENEFIT HER (not you).


If she can think and behave that way KNOWING or at least BELIEVING she can ALWAYS get a man but CANNOT ALWAYS get opportunity, WHY CAN'T or WON'T you MALES think the same way?


IF you MAINTAIN a HEALTHY physical, mental and financial state, you WILL ALWAYS have the option to get companionship.


MOST females are ALWAYS FUCKING their lives up either through:


- GETTING KNOCKED UP by DEADBEATS then looking for a DECENT man (like you) for companionship afterwards, or

- THEIR POOR selection of males that usually DUMP THEM after they get what they want OR get them and put them in HIS ROTATION while they STUPIDLY try to COMPETE for him.


Good.  I have NO PROBLEM with that attitude.  Now go and find YOUR grand-mother, MOTHER, aunt or any other WOMAN that CARED for you, WORKED HARD to make life better for you, SACRIFICED her joys for you and spend as much MONEY that is reasonable WITHOUT getting yourself in a financial bind on ONE of SOME of them.

Spend YOUR MONEY on someone who has EARNED THE RIGHT to have it spent on them.


Live your life for you and if you come in contact with a woman that is NOT a Pay-Per-View Ho or Entitlement Minded Bitch cherish and love her because THEY ARE truly RARE.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

REALITY CHECK: "Evolution of the Female"

Whether you ACCEPT REALITY or REMAIN IN DENIAL, this is what has occurred to the female over time.  You have a 1 out of 4 chance of finding a Loving and Cooperative Partner IF you are seeking a relationship.


This DOES APPLY to every female you come in contact with UNLESS she is physically dead.


FEMALES BEGAN as unselfish, loving, cooperative partners but has evolved into 4 personalities today:

1.  Pay-Per-View Ho

2.  Scandalous and Inconsiderate Bitch

3.  Entitlement Minded Working Woman

4.  Loving and Cooperative Partner

DO NOT ASSUME that she is a Loving and Cooperative Partner.  She has to PROVE THROUGH HER BEHAVIOR over an EXTENDED PERIOD OF TIME that she is:

1.  Beneficial (to you),

2.  Loving (to you), and

3.  Cooperative (with you).

Then and ONLY then should she be LOOKED UPON AS someone WORTHY of entering into your personal and private life.


Take my advice ONLY IF you are seeking a Loving and Cooperative Partner.  Otherwise, ACCEPT ANY "THING" that comes across your path.

Monday, August 5, 2013

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: "Have You Surrendered Your Balls, Backbone, Dignity and Finances for a Female's Attention or Companionship"

Have you been MIND FUCKED and don't even know it because so many males have WILLINGLY surrendered their time, resources and finances SIMPLY to please a female with little to no reciprocation in return.


This DOES APPLY to all males that ARE NOT receiving in an equitable amount in the same manner that HE IS GIVING.


This had to be posted because I talked to a buddy of mine this weekend that FINALLY came clean about his "one-sided" relationship.  He was GIVING a lot, she was RECEIVING a lot and she was GIVING only that which was necessary to get him to CONTINUE GIVING TO HER.

I knew that he was in trouble 3 years ago when she saw my 2 books in his apartment, read ONLY the first chapter and DEMANDED that he throw them away.


Fast forward 3 years after getting rid of my books, he is stressed, financially struggling and she had him to GET RID OF any of his friends (male and females) that she did not like AND NOW he is ready to listen to me.

Fortunately there are NO CHILDREN between the two of them and there are only HER 2 children.


1.  Take time to EXAMINE what you did and why you did it.

2.  ACCEPT the fact that YOU CHOSE to get into that situation.

3.  DON'T BLAME her for what YOU CHOSE to willingly do or you will NEVER correct yourself.

4.  Take back CONTROL over YOUR LIFE.

5.  DUMP THAT thoughtless, entitlement minded, inconsiderate, selfish BITCH and NEVER GO BACK to her.

6.  DON'T BE CONCERNED about the FATE of HER CHILDREN because THEY ARE NOT your responsibility.

7.  TAKE the APPROPRIATE MEASURES to NEVER REPEAT that behavior again.


Life is about choices so choose wisely when selecting a female to spend time with OR as a companion OR be prepared to pay a price for not choosing wisely.