Monday, August 26, 2013

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: "This is Why I Don't Waste My Time with These Types"

You males can "like", "listen to" or "send" these types of females all of the "feel good, uplifting quotes (for HER BENEFIT of course)" that you want.


If these females are so STRONG, GREAT, INTELLIGENT, SENSITIVE and CONSIDERATE (obviously NOT when it comes to you), then why do they "sit on their asses" and NOT initiate contact, put forth continual effort or pay their own way when SPENDING TIME getting to know a DECENT male like yourself?


They don't value you.  They value what they can get from you.


They don't value you because YOU have been socially programmed and raised to NOT value yourself.  If you valued you, you would NOT try to buy your time (i.e., pay her way) in order to spend time with her getting to know her.


I am ALWAYS looking for males that WANT TO RESTORE their value and dignity as opposed to BUY TIME in order to SPEND TIME with a female.

Leave the WORKING DEADBEATS (won't pay their own way) alone. 

THERE ARE WORKING WOMEN that are responsible and NOT DEADBEATS that will RESPECT you, BE CONSIDERATE of you and PAY THEIR OWN WAY.  These WOMEN may be difficult to find but WELL WORTH the wait rather than wasting time with DEADBEATS.

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