Wednesday, August 14, 2013

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: "Sucker Once Shame On Her. Sucker Twice Shame On You"

Blame NO ONE but yourself IF you REPEAT that same STUPID behavior and GET BURNED again.


STUPID. Doing something that YOU KNOW you should not be doing yet YOU DO it anyway.


It's so interesting how males are treated so differently from females when EITHER OF THEM get BURNED (i.e., abused or taken advantage of) when interacting with the opposite sex.

MALE (gets burned).  Be quite about it.  Don't let anyone else know what happened to you.  Take it like a man because that's part of life.

FEMALE (gets burned).  Oh my God STOP everything.  She has access to all kinds of FEMALE support groups.  She even gets support from MALE support groups.  She has to be heard to INFORM and PROTECT other females from having that happen to them.  Get her on STEVE HARVEYOPRAH and DR. PHIL to let all women know about those ABUSIVE males.  Go to COUNSELING sessions to deal with it to help her AVOID those situations again.


Most of us will have been involved in one or more of these situations. The key is NOT that it happened but rather YOU REPEATED it again and again.

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