Monday, August 5, 2013

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: "Have You Surrendered Your Balls, Backbone, Dignity and Finances for a Female's Attention or Companionship"

Have you been MIND FUCKED and don't even know it because so many males have WILLINGLY surrendered their time, resources and finances SIMPLY to please a female with little to no reciprocation in return.


This DOES APPLY to all males that ARE NOT receiving in an equitable amount in the same manner that HE IS GIVING.


This had to be posted because I talked to a buddy of mine this weekend that FINALLY came clean about his "one-sided" relationship.  He was GIVING a lot, she was RECEIVING a lot and she was GIVING only that which was necessary to get him to CONTINUE GIVING TO HER.

I knew that he was in trouble 3 years ago when she saw my 2 books in his apartment, read ONLY the first chapter and DEMANDED that he throw them away.


Fast forward 3 years after getting rid of my books, he is stressed, financially struggling and she had him to GET RID OF any of his friends (male and females) that she did not like AND NOW he is ready to listen to me.

Fortunately there are NO CHILDREN between the two of them and there are only HER 2 children.


1.  Take time to EXAMINE what you did and why you did it.

2.  ACCEPT the fact that YOU CHOSE to get into that situation.

3.  DON'T BLAME her for what YOU CHOSE to willingly do or you will NEVER correct yourself.

4.  Take back CONTROL over YOUR LIFE.

5.  DUMP THAT thoughtless, entitlement minded, inconsiderate, selfish BITCH and NEVER GO BACK to her.

6.  DON'T BE CONCERNED about the FATE of HER CHILDREN because THEY ARE NOT your responsibility.

7.  TAKE the APPROPRIATE MEASURES to NEVER REPEAT that behavior again.


Life is about choices so choose wisely when selecting a female to spend time with OR as a companion OR be prepared to pay a price for not choosing wisely.

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  1. I don't why men these days subscribe to the provider protec-HER model.

    In my world, bitches pull there own weight.

    it's not my job to make your life comfortable and easy..