Thursday, August 29, 2013

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: How To Recognize and Avoid an Immature Attack During a Discussion with a STUPID Female

MOST females will NEVER ADMIT to attempting to USE some information you give them in an attempt to DIVERT from a discussion when they don't have any LEGITIMATE contribution to make OR to use that UNRELATED information to ATTACK YOU. 

Usually she will become DEFENSIVE and ask for UNRELATED information from you in an ATTEMPT to USE IT in a FOOLISH and STUPID attempt to ATTACK YOU.



This ONLY APPLY to females that will attempt to do this.


MANY females are accustomed to behaving in this manner (being NOSY or curious as many put it) because TOO MANY males simply comply with their NOSY request WITHOUT QUESTIONING their reason for asking such. 

Here is a PERFECT EXAMPLE of what I am talking about AS WELL AS how I responded to her.


These comments are from one of my postings and my point of bringing this out is to encourage males to LEARN how to be aware of how a female will attempt to USE UNRELATED information to eventually come back at you with a STUPID comment.

(Her Name Removed) If you don't mind my asking, and out of pure curiosity, how old are you?

(Jai Duval) My age or my photo does not matter but for some odd reason I get both of those questions from STUPID women only.

Curiosity does not warrant information being given which is how I encourage males to think.

Curiosity without a valid need is typically used by black females to simply find a reason to ATTACK a man with something STUPID.

(Her Name Removed) I didn't ask for a photo but an age, which i gave my reason being curiosity, NOT to say something stupid, try to view each woman you encounter on the basis of their interaction with you not on some prior experience.

You are constantly defensive as though you expect every black female to attack you, and I say this without any malice... relax

My approach is not attackive, or if it is, it wasn't intentional, i inquire so that i gain a full understanding. I also tend to view things from unusual angles, as that is life, one explanation doesn't tell the full story

You don't have to reveal anything that makes you uncomfortable

Conversation does not have to be a battle, disagreement is not war, different perspectives promote growth

Enjoy the rest of your night

(Moises S. Salute) Orrrrrrrr his age had nothing to do with the subject at hand

(Jai Duval) NOTHING that I reveal or that is about me makes me uncomfortable. I simply DO NOT cater to the request of NOSY (i.e., curious) people. If someone wants information about me, I will give it ONLY if it BENEFITS ME and this is what I encourage other males to do when females come at them with CURIOSITY.

My point in NOT giving UNRELATED information is to show how MEANINGLESS it is to waste time giving that out. We need to focus on the point at hand as opposed to simply being CURIOUS and trust me when I say that "CURIOUSITY (by a STUPID female) is for a particular reason that many of them choose not to state UNTIL they BELIEVE they have something that they can RESPOND with AGAINST YOU after receiving that information". 

Again, their RESPONSE is usually in the IMMATURE "gotcha" response so I don't give ANY OF THEM the opportunity to come at me with such IMMATURE and STUPID responses.

The TRUE defensiveness is in the person that is CURIOUS for no legitimate reason which is really just being NOSY and I don't cater to a NOSY person's request and this is what I'm attempting to get other males to do.

I want you to enjoy your day. 


Part of what I will be attempting to do in my Fall 2013 classes is encourage males to STAY ON POINT and STOP ALLOWING females to BAIT them into USELESS or MEANINGLESS discussions when they (the female) realize what you are saying makes sense and what she tried to say is SENSELESS.

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