Sunday, August 11, 2013

REALITY CHECK: "Evolution of the Female"

Whether you ACCEPT REALITY or REMAIN IN DENIAL, this is what has occurred to the female over time.  You have a 1 out of 4 chance of finding a Loving and Cooperative Partner IF you are seeking a relationship.


This DOES APPLY to every female you come in contact with UNLESS she is physically dead.


FEMALES BEGAN as unselfish, loving, cooperative partners but has evolved into 4 personalities today:

1.  Pay-Per-View Ho

2.  Scandalous and Inconsiderate Bitch

3.  Entitlement Minded Working Woman

4.  Loving and Cooperative Partner

DO NOT ASSUME that she is a Loving and Cooperative Partner.  She has to PROVE THROUGH HER BEHAVIOR over an EXTENDED PERIOD OF TIME that she is:

1.  Beneficial (to you),

2.  Loving (to you), and

3.  Cooperative (with you).

Then and ONLY then should she be LOOKED UPON AS someone WORTHY of entering into your personal and private life.


Take my advice ONLY IF you are seeking a Loving and Cooperative Partner.  Otherwise, ACCEPT ANY "THING" that comes across your path.

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