Tuesday, August 20, 2013

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: "Does She Really Think (or Know) She Can Come Back to You Whenever She Wants To"?

How many of you guys have been LOOKED AT and simply PASSED OVER because SHE FELT that YOU were NOT GOOD LOOKING ENOUGH or DID NOT HAVE THE ABILITY (or potential ability) to PROVIDE ENOUGH to satisfy her?


This DOES APPLY to all of you males out there that have been passed over BUT HAVE NOT YET been revisited by a NOW DOWN AND OUT female that passed you over.


Learn from those of US that had to learn the HARD WAY and are NOW attempting to provide you with WISDOM and EXPERIENCE so that you will NOT make the same STUPID mistakes MANY OF US made in our past.


If you REFUSE to learn from me and others then accept the consequences of your INEXPERIENCED choices and BLAME NO ONE if the outcome is disappointing and/or damaging TO YOU.


Move FORWARD with your life and DO NOT LOOK BACK AT HER.  There are QUALITY WOMEN ahead of you so why LOOK BACK at someone with FINANCIAL BURDENS or is now a PACKAGED DEAL that did not want you in the past.

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