Tuesday, August 20, 2013

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: "Stop Blaming the Male for Her Stupid Choice"

Males need to start holding females RESPONSIBLE and ACCOUNTABLE for their decision to get KNOCKED UP by some deadbeat INSTEAD of putting the fault on the deadbeat.


This DOES APPLY to all females that are out there whining, bitching, complaining or BLAMING some deadbeat for her struggling situation as a parent.


I have NO PITY for females in a position like that because THEY ENJOYED the pleasure of fucking him so THEY need to ACCEPT the pain and struggle of ALL the responsibilities of being a parent WITHOUT HIM.


A RESPONSIBLE (not the bullshit term "real") and PROUD mother will NOT look for some other man to ASSUME the RESPONSIBILITIES of HER FUCK UP by helping support her and SOME OTHER MAN'S child.  SHE CAN be a companion to the other man WITHOUT being a DEADBEAT herself and a FINANCIAL liability to him.

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