Friday, August 23, 2013

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: "Tired of Kissing Ass but Just Don't Know What Else To Do"?

So many males have been RAISED TO KISS ASS to a point that THEY BELIEVE that is the ONLY way they are supposed to behave in order to get a female's ATTENTION or COMPANIONSHIP.


This DOES NOT APPLY to QUALITY women who are responsible for themselves (i.e., pay their own way), considerate of a man's own responsibilities and is respectful to others.


Believe it or not, THERE ARE "responsible" women that will respect you and DO NOT want you to kiss their ass but rather just be respectful to her and others AS WELL AS responsible for yourself.


THIS POST WILL irritate and offend females that are Ho's, Bitches, Ratchets, Deadbeats, Hood Rats, Skeezers to a point that THEY WILL call me "an asshole", "woman hater", "bitter", "idiot", "stupid", etc because that is simply how they think and I understand what SELFISHNESS and STUPIDITY is so those accusations do not offend me.


You can CONTINUE to KISS ASS or come to MY class and FREE YOUR MIND so that you will STOP that nonsense and spend time with QUALITY women.

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