Saturday, August 31, 2013

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: "Intelligent Communication and Personal Responsibility Classes"

Males MUST APPLY these 2 things that INCONSIDERATE and IRRESPONSIBLE females DO NOT like.  These WILL BE DISCUSSED in separate classes this Fall:


When you apply LOGIC, as opposed to SENSELESS EMOTION, you REMOVE her ability to DIVERT YOU from your intended purpose of communicating with her.


When you PLACE responsibility ON HER for the expenses SHE CREATES while being with you (i.e., paying her own way) OR for HER FOOLISH SPENDING (knowing that YOU or SOME OTHER MAN will help her out later), YOU ARE HELPING HER be a more responsible person IN THE END whether she likes it or not AND relieving yourself of UNNECESSARY FINANCIAL stress and maintain YOUR peace of mind. 

She will HAVE TO BE more responsible (with you at least) OR find herself a man that WANTS TO spend his money trying to BUY HIS WAY into her life by BAILING HER OUT of HER RESPONSIBILITIES.


I have decided that, at this time, I will post my classes ONLY on my Facebook page and on this blog site. If you have ANY friends that want to see them, they will have to:

1. Send me a Facebook friend request if they are on Facebook,

2. Come to this blog site, or

3. See them IF you click the Facebook "share" link and share on your page.

All of my classes are IMPORTANT but as I have stated time and time again:

"Knowledge is Useless if Not Applied" - Jai Duval

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