Thursday, May 26, 2011

If You Pay, Have It Your Way

(Excerpt from "The Good Man's Survival Guide - How to Identify and Avoid a No Good Skeezer)

Chapter 9 - If You Pay, Have It Your Way

I am sure that many of us are guilty of doing what I am about to say. You see a female you are attracted to and she finds you physically appealing, she will ALLOW you into her space and the opportunity to sell yourself.

IF she has been raised in the home or conditioned by other outside of the home to HO HER TIME, then you will have to spend money (which means also pay her way) if you want to spend time getting to know her.

Eventually, according to social protocol, you will ask her out on a date.  Typically it will be a dining because that is the common place males will invite a female. Most females will not say no to a FREE meal if they feel comfortable with you. That level of comfort can range from them being physically attracted to you OR knowing that they will have complete control of you and the situation even though they are not physically attracted to you.

I have been guilty of the following, in my distant past, and I am sure that other males have been as well. You ask her out, she says yes and then you ask her where would she like to go? STOP RIGHT THERE!!!

NEVER, EVER ASK a female where she would like to go IF YOU ARE GOING TO PAY for the date. This is how females get the chance to eat at expensive places knowing that you will pay for it.   IF YOU are going to PAY for the time to be with her then YOU should have exclusive rights to HER and that time. That simply means you will get her to agree that the time between the two of you belongs to the two of you and no one else BEFORE you go on a date.  Keep those first few dates short.  This will make it much easier for:

- NO sending or checking text messages
NO talking on a cell phone UNLESS it's an emergency

If she can't agree to those REASONABLE conditions, you should not pay for the date although you can still go on the date.  Now, I would recommend that you DO NOT PICK HER UP but rather meet her at the location.  Reason is because IF she DISRESPECTS your wishes or the agreement between the two of you, simply get up and leave.  She has her own transportation.  She has shown you she has NO RESPECT for your wishes.  Therefore, it should not matter to you (or probably her) if you leave.

***SPECIAL NOTE*** - If you go to a restaurant where they present a menu to you and you pay after you have eaten, DO NOT ORDER for her.  Let her order for herself so if she turns out to be an ungrateful and inconsiderate bitch, simply PAY FOR YOUR ORDER and leave that bitch at the table.  NEVER PAY for someone that DISRESPECT you.  ***SPECIAL NOTE***

If she sees you as a SUCKERMAN that is desperate for a date with her, she is going to try and get you to take her on as an expensive date as she can. She will even have you thinking that this will impress her. Well, I have to agree that you will impress her but for a totally different reason than you what you are thinking.

You will be impressing (showing) her how WEAK and EASY you are for her to get you to do what she wants. They get offended or have very little patience for the man they are not attracted if he does not do what she wants. If this happens then she’s not into you.

You need to PLAN AHEAD and have a place or places in mind before you ask her out on a dining date. If she asks where you are going to be taking her go ahead and tell her. When you tell her where you are going to take her don’t ask her, “Is that place ok with you”? As long as the place is clean, safe and she likes you it will not matter to her.  If she is  going to take a FREE RIDE off of your wallet then:

- YOU CONTROL where the two of you are going
- YOU CONTROL how much money you are spending
- YOU CONTROL how much time the two of you will spend on that date

Do not feel special because she ALLOWED YOU to spend YOUR money on her. If you have to spend your money on her to spend time with her she does not value you as a person anyway. Whether it is dining or some other social event, make sure that you decide whether you want her undivided attention if you are going to pay.