Saturday, December 18, 2010

Real Love Comes From Her Heart, Not From YOUR Wallet

IF you are going to choose a companion, choose one that will want you for you. There are those that will be there for you and will withstand the test of time and temptation (of other men) with you. A REAL WOMAN will see the value in YOU. All that a REAL HO wants is WHAT'S IN YOUR WALLET and how well you can serve HER until she finds who she feels is THE ONE and then DUMPS YOU.

DON'T waste your time on those immature, inconsiderate females that IGNORE YOU or send you to YOUR wallet in order to spend time with them. They are a waste and should be left to the males that are EXPERIENCED at doing to those types of females what they would eventually do to YOU. Leave those females to the REAL players and thugs that they deserve.

She has to desire you just as much and maybe even more than you do her. The reason is because SHE will be getting more attention and offers from other males than you will be getting from other females and IF she feels she has the man that she wants she will not allow others to disrupt what the two of you are attempting to develop.

TOO MANY males will have wasted their time and finances catering to uncaring females when they should have been investing that time and finances in themselves. By the time many of them reach their 40's they will have accomplished nothing of value in their lives. Many of them will not even have developed any marketable skills and the best that they will be able to do is know the latest DANCE MOVES and TALK TRASH to useless females and their male friends.

When the hair is gone, YOUR MONEY is gone, the women are gone because YOUR money is gone, YOUR vision begins to fade, YOUR hard body has softened up, YOU are moving a little slower, THE PILL doesn't work any longer, YOUR skin starts to wrinkle and dry, will YOU be able to accept the fact that years ago I TOLD YOU SO or will you be looking like an 'ole FOOL thinking you still got what it takes to get the ladies?

PREPARE YOURSELF NOW for your future later. ENJOY YOURSELF NOW and the pleasures that life has to offer.

If you sacrifice YOUR future by catering to and supporting INCONSIDERATE females, those same females will be laughing AT YOU and not WITH YOU because by then the jokes will be ON YOU "CLOWN".

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What's Wrong With YOU PEOPLE (Part 1)

This situation can be applied to any individuals regardless of gender.

I received a call from female #1 that I know, asking my advice, about female #2 (we both know) that called her whining that her utilities were about to be cut off and wanted female #1 to GIVE (yep, she did not say loan even if that's what she meant) her some money to prevent her utilities from being cut off. OMG!! You know I had to seize the opportunity (lol).

Before I begin, let me provide some information on both. I have known both of these females for over 15 years so please save the, "You don't know her(me)" nonsense, ok?

Female #1 - Single, divorced, employed, no college degree, has certified training, 1 adult child, living at home alone and has no cable television.

Female #2 - Single, divorced, unemployed, no college degree, has no certified training, 4 adult children (2 sons, 2 daughters all employed), living at home with one of her daughters and has the full compliment of cable television.

It amuses me when you find certain people who DON'T want you in THEIR business but they DO want YOU to help them PAY for their business THEY SCREWED UP when they are in financial debt. So what's wrong with this picture?

Female #2 has communicated with female #1 only two times in the past 2 years and that was only when they met at two different mutual friends funerals. Female #2 has never taken the time to call and simply say, "Hello, just called to see how you are doing". Now, female #2 takes time to call female #1 when she is in need. I told her to DON'T give her a penny and here are my reasons for you beggars and inconsiderate people out there that will have a problem with what I am about to say:

1. SHE is inconsiderate of YOU as indicated such by the lack of genuine communication and concern for your well-being over the years (Remember that she had your number all of this time),

2. SHE is enjoying the convenience (not need) of cable tv and if you pay totally or partially that utilitiy bill you are contributing to HER irresponsible, financial management behavior,

3. HER priorities are obviously screwed up and she knows there are people out there, like YOU, that may come to her aid (that is, unless people like me talk to you first),

4. SHE has 2 adult sons and 2 adult daughters that are employed,

5. The home that she is living in is PAID for and has been for over 10 years. The husband made sure of that after he divorced her and left her a house and car that was paid for which means the only financial OBLIGATION is property taxes, utilities and maintenance. Everything else that she chooses are OPTIONS and not OBLIGATIONS,

6. HER grown children should be the ones she calls for financial help,

7. SHE has a daughter living with her that has a very good job (or at least that's what she braggs about) that is not paying a mortgage or rent since she is also living in that paid for home.

I will stop here because I could go on and on. So what's my point? If that's your question, then you are just as inconsiderate as female #2 is and I need not go any further with you. For the rest of you, this is a clear case of (just to mention a few):

1. Irresponsible - Not putting priorities where it matters as opposed to where SHE selfishly thinks it matters. Oh yea, if she received the notice of having her utilities cut off she had known for at least 2 months that she had not paid her bill. I'm willing to wager that her CABLE was not about to be cut off),

2. Poor Parenting - Didn't raise her children in a manner that would enable her to go to them IF needed,

3. Inconsiderate of Others - She calls female #1 ONLY when in need,

4. Looking for Sympathy and a Hand Out - She has no children to financially support, the youngest has been an adult for at least 5 years and she has CHOSEN to not continue her education or acquire job training.


I have had 1st, 2nd and a couple of 3rd degree burns, in my past, when it came to lending money to people inside and outside of my so-called family. I can freely say that I have probably been paid back about 20 percent of the money I have loaned to people. Am I angry at them? I was at one time regarding the 3rd degree financial burns. What I have learned is that anger improperly placed will NOT prevent you from getting burned again. It will simply make you angrier the next time you get burned because you will not have changed YOUR behavior and you certainly WILL increase your chances of getting burned again (lol).

What I have LEARNED to do is treat EVERY potential borrower that has NOT CONSISTENTLY proven themselves over a period of time to be worth of borrowing MY money or possessions like a BUSINESS transaction. I don't care if it's money or material items. You have to QUALIFY before I CONSIDER loaning you money or anything of my possession. I am going to get in YOUR business if YOU want to get any of my business (money or material possessions). I have learned to be VERY SELFISH and PROTECTIVE when it comes to those monies or possessions that I have EARNED by working and sacrificing for.

Here is what I do to people when they ask me to borrow money or any of my material possessions. This will SUCCESSFULLY turn away 100 percent of those that had no intentions of paying you back totally or partially or those that can't pay you back. It has worked for me and will work for you. ALL (not some) of these questions have to be YES or you should not extend yourself for that person.

1. I need to know if you are living financially responsible and have the ability to pay me back BEFORE I consider financially helping you which mean I want to know what your other financial obligations are and what your present income is,

2. Can you replace or pay me the FULL value of those possessions you borrow from me within 3 days if it's damaged, stolen or destroyed?

3. What can you put us as COLLATERAL that's worth at least twice as much as the item(s) you want to borrow from me?

4. Will you sign an agreement to pay me back within an agreed upon period of time or allow me to take full possession of whatever that collateral is to do with as I wish?

If they CLAIM they will pay you back but DON'T want to agree to items 1 - 4 above then I suggest they take their possessions of value to a pawn shop and work some agreement with them.


Many have referred to me as mean and selfish. If I am considered mean because I WON'T accept someone else's laziness or feelings of entitlement to MY possessions then consider me to be a MEAN MO' FO'. As far as selfish is concerned there are, in my opinion, two types of selfishness:

Selfish #1. YOU want something for SELF, YOU sacrifice the time and effort to provide something for YOU,

Selfish #2. YOU want something for SELF, YOU expect others to sacrifice their time and effort to provide something for YOU.

I STRONGLY support and advise everyone to suscribe to Selfish #1 and I will NEVER back away from that position. We should all be selfish as it applies to Selfish #1 behavior.

Monday, December 13, 2010

What's Wrong With Being "Single and Happy"??

Let me first state I AM NOT anti-marriage, I AM pro-happiness. I have NO INTENTIONS on getting into a relationship that I HAVE TO PAY someone TO GET OUT OF or PAY someone AFTER the relationship is over. Skaa-rew you and the attorney that came with you (lol).

For some bizzare reason, some people believe that a person cannot be SINGLE and HAPPY and not in a relationship. Well, **NEWS FLASH**, SMART single people prefer to be happy ALONE until they find someone SENSIBLE rather than be MISERABLE or CHEATING in a marital or non-marital relationship. I believe that it's the people that are ENVIOUS or DISSATISFIED with their own relationship that can't accept or comprehend a single person being happy by themselves.

I believe that as long as two people are HAPPY, RESPONSIBLE and RESPECTFUL OF EACH OTHER there is no NEED to get married. Getting married should be an OPTION if both mutually want to do so and neither is NOT PRESSURED to do so. The ONLY expcetion would be if they plan to have children and even that DOES NOT REQUIRE being married. Here is my response to a common question, "What if you want everyone to have the last name"? Simply, just change the last name to the name that you want because it is LEGAL and DON'T REQUIRE MARRIAGE to do so. People change their names all the time so what's YOUR excuse.

SINGLE PEOPLE can be in a healthy relationship just as SOME marriages are. They can be in that healthy relationship living together or living in separate residences. If single people can RESPECT married people's arrangements, why don't MANY married people RESPECT single people's arrangements and especially when it appears that married people are the ones having the most problems?

I don't have a problem with married people that are happy. I have a problem with married people that WHINE and COMPLAIN about their marriages and should not be married. As I have stated before, "Marriages are not hard. It's trying to get someone that you SHOULD NOT have married to behave in a manner YOU want them to that is hard". My suggestion is to divorce that person and find yourself a more COMPATIBLE person to marry.

There are many married people that feel as if single people CANNOT BE HAPPY unless they are married and should surrender their HAPPY and CONTENT lives to enter into marriage. Why is that? I believe that's because most of them go through periods of misery and you know what they say, "Misery loves company".

I had a buddy tell me one time, "Man, you need to get married so we can have something to TALK about". Huh, my thoughts were, "No, he needs me to get married so we can have something to COMPLAIN about" (lol). It's as if a single person can't be around a married person unless they are LISTENING to them complain about their marriage (that their ass should not have gotten in to begin with), LISTENING to them brag or complain about their children (blah, blah, blah...) or here them ASK about social places to go to WITHOUT their spouse.

Yep, you have some that's married (who shouldn't be) that want to behave like they are single but in that cloak-n-dagger manner. In the past, I've had a few married friends wanted me to cover for them while they were out doing their side-thing with someone they enjoyed a moment of TEMPORARILY happiness with. I say temporarily because after all eventually they would have to go back to that unhappily, married environment.

The truth of the matter is that MANY males that are married can ONLY be happy IF they have someone on the outside of their marriage because they DID NOT want the committment of marriage, they wanted the EXISTENCE of a female living in the same domain that marriage provides with the opportunity of getting an occasional CONJUCAL visit from her when SHE felt the need to do so. As long as they ARE GETTING what they wanted from outside of the marriage, they are accepting of what they AREN'T GETTING from inside of their marriage.

FACT: Many married men DO NOT DISCRIMMINATE, are WILLING TO PAY (gifts, dinners, vacations or DIRECT DEPOSIT of cash into the female's hands or her bank account) and are simply WAITING for the opportunity to be serviced outside of their marriage. What does that tell you about the state of that marriage? No, I am not going to name names because MANY of their wives are aware of their behavior and all is well UNLESS his behavior goes public which forces her to PRETEND she has no knowledge of such behavior and then she jumps on the INNOCENT VICTIM wagon looking for sympathy, support and REVENGE.

MARRIAGE, for the purposes of making yourself or someone else happy, is usually a TEMPORARY fix to yours or the other person's LONELY life. Very few people want to examine or discuss what happens IF the marriage is a failure.

Marriage DOES NOT:

- make you happy, YOU make you happy,
- guarantee a union "until death do you part" (look at the high divorce rate),
- give you the opportunity to just walk away from a bad relationship,
- benefit MOST males unless they are of lesser financial means than the female.

Marriage DOES:

- BENEFIT the one of lesser financial means,
- BENEFIT the ones that have THE LOOK, have NO MONEY, NO AMBITION or NO MOTIVATION and just want to be CARED FOR and can make her scream God and/or Jesus's name in bed (Make sure you choose a potential wife that is at least 7 years old than you are, has a good paying CAREER (not job) WITH BENEFITS and is disappointed or angry at males her age and older)

- FORCE a person that DID NOT want to marry to cheat in order to recapture that happiness lost from getting married,
- provide a sense of happiness for everyone BUT the person who didn't really want to get married but did so anyway,
- give the person of lesser means an opportunity to PUNISH the other person FINANCIALLY if the other person decides to divorce and especially if the person of lesser means is a female,
- give the inconsiderate person the opportunity to DRAIN the other person of their physical, mental and financial well-being BEFORE they are able to break away.

Religious, social and cultural pressures to SURRENDER one's happiness, peace-of-mind and comforts for the BENEFIT of someone else who is UNHAPPY and too LAZY, SPOILED, IRRESPONSIBLE, IMMATURE and/or STUPID to produce that happiness themselves is quite common. Now who in their RIGHT MIND would want to be with someone like that? I guess a whole lot of people since I see so many people getting married to make someone else happy and later complaining to their family, friends and person they established a relationship with outside of their marriage.

Those pressures to marry GENERALLY come from parents, friends, clergy, other happy or unhappy married couples, etc.

My advice is to DON'T give in to anyone if you don't want to be married. Marry ONLY IF YOU are ready to do so. If they are not happy and content with self then all they can do is pass that BURDEN of making themselves happy onto YOUR shoulders.

Do you think trying to make someone else happy is really going to make you happy? Remember, marriage is EASY to get into but NOT EASY to get out of UNLESS you are POOR, have NO AMBITION and HAVE NOTHING to lose.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Daddy's Spoiled "PRINCESS" just may be YOUR Spoiled "BURDEN"

There are women that exist that are PREPARED and WILL contribute physically, mentally and financially to the development and maintenance of a healthy and MUTUALLY BENEFICIAL relationship. This blog DOES NOT pertain to them.

There are men out there that, for whatever reason, are seeking to have a relationship with an IRRESPONSIBLE, UNPREPARED, IMMATURE and/or FINANCIALLY DEPENDENT female and will partially or totally provide financial support (many females refer to it as "help"). This blog DOES NOT pertain to them.

There are men out there, like myself, that want NOTHING TO DO with IRRESPONSIBLE, UNPREPARED, IMMATURE and/or FINANCIALLY DEPENDENT females . This blog IS DEFINITELY for you.

This blog pertains to those IRREPSONSIBLE, UNPREPARED, IMMATURE and/or FINANCIALLY DEPENDENT females who have lived off of their parent(s) as minors and adults, did nothing to prepare themselves for TRUE independence, CANNOT CONTRIBUTE to a relationship in a manner that does not cause the man stress and are presently seeking a man, friends or other relatives to take the place of their parent(s).

"They treated her like the little princess she was to them. They ENFORCED little or no responsibilities on her as she was growing up. She partied with her friends, flirted, has no formal training, got a few jobs to simply pay for her clothes, nails and cell phone (maybe), was ALLOWED to do what she wanted to do when she wanted to do it and never had intentions on being TOTALLY responsible for herself. Now she's an adult, unprepared, it's time to go and she REFUSES to leave home".

MOST of these female types feel as if they will get a man to financially support them because of THEIR LOOKS and/or HIS STUPIDITY. Remember that I have previously stated in another blog that, "MOST males are mentally weaker than females when it comes to interacting with a female HE is attracted to". That's why most of them will take in these types of females and those females know it. If these female types knew they would TRULY be on their own and would have to support themselves WITHOUT a man's finances they would prepare themselves just like others do BUT THEY DON'T.


MANY of those types of females will have bounced in and out of their parents homes as well as moved around from man-to-man or friend-to-friend to AVOID the total responsibilities of adulthood. They usually are attractive or was attractive enough at one time which allowed them access into other men's lives to financially support them. They may have no children, a child or children as well. They may have a job but their credit will be lousy. If they are working, chances are that they are OVER-EXTENDED financially. I've been there and done the STUPID help thing so I know exactly what I'm talking about and trying to save as many males as possible precious wasted TIME and FINANCES. Unfortunately, as long as stupidity exist (and it will), there will always be casualties. I am just trying to do my part to minimize the number of casualties that WILL OCCUR.

Many of them WILL CATER to you but it will not be genuine. It's all about doing what it takes to eventually get YOU to PAY her bills and pay for their irresponsible behavior UNTIL she finds what she feels is THE ONE. Many of them will use men as a stepping stone constantly seeking to upgrade from ONE STUPID FOOL TO ANOTHER. I say stupid based upon my definition of, "Doing something knowing there is a slim or no chance but hoping she will change her mind, want you and cater to you as you are doing to her".


If males want these types of females and what comes with them it's THEIR CHOICE. My suggestion is to AVOID these types of females and select women that have PREPARED themselves for life's responsibililties because THEY DO EXIST.