Saturday, December 4, 2010

Daddy's Spoiled "PRINCESS" just may be YOUR Spoiled "BURDEN"

There are women that exist that are PREPARED and WILL contribute physically, mentally and financially to the development and maintenance of a healthy and MUTUALLY BENEFICIAL relationship. This blog DOES NOT pertain to them.

There are men out there that, for whatever reason, are seeking to have a relationship with an IRRESPONSIBLE, UNPREPARED, IMMATURE and/or FINANCIALLY DEPENDENT female and will partially or totally provide financial support (many females refer to it as "help"). This blog DOES NOT pertain to them.

There are men out there, like myself, that want NOTHING TO DO with IRRESPONSIBLE, UNPREPARED, IMMATURE and/or FINANCIALLY DEPENDENT females . This blog IS DEFINITELY for you.

This blog pertains to those IRREPSONSIBLE, UNPREPARED, IMMATURE and/or FINANCIALLY DEPENDENT females who have lived off of their parent(s) as minors and adults, did nothing to prepare themselves for TRUE independence, CANNOT CONTRIBUTE to a relationship in a manner that does not cause the man stress and are presently seeking a man, friends or other relatives to take the place of their parent(s).

"They treated her like the little princess she was to them. They ENFORCED little or no responsibilities on her as she was growing up. She partied with her friends, flirted, has no formal training, got a few jobs to simply pay for her clothes, nails and cell phone (maybe), was ALLOWED to do what she wanted to do when she wanted to do it and never had intentions on being TOTALLY responsible for herself. Now she's an adult, unprepared, it's time to go and she REFUSES to leave home".

MOST of these female types feel as if they will get a man to financially support them because of THEIR LOOKS and/or HIS STUPIDITY. Remember that I have previously stated in another blog that, "MOST males are mentally weaker than females when it comes to interacting with a female HE is attracted to". That's why most of them will take in these types of females and those females know it. If these female types knew they would TRULY be on their own and would have to support themselves WITHOUT a man's finances they would prepare themselves just like others do BUT THEY DON'T.


MANY of those types of females will have bounced in and out of their parents homes as well as moved around from man-to-man or friend-to-friend to AVOID the total responsibilities of adulthood. They usually are attractive or was attractive enough at one time which allowed them access into other men's lives to financially support them. They may have no children, a child or children as well. They may have a job but their credit will be lousy. If they are working, chances are that they are OVER-EXTENDED financially. I've been there and done the STUPID help thing so I know exactly what I'm talking about and trying to save as many males as possible precious wasted TIME and FINANCES. Unfortunately, as long as stupidity exist (and it will), there will always be casualties. I am just trying to do my part to minimize the number of casualties that WILL OCCUR.

Many of them WILL CATER to you but it will not be genuine. It's all about doing what it takes to eventually get YOU to PAY her bills and pay for their irresponsible behavior UNTIL she finds what she feels is THE ONE. Many of them will use men as a stepping stone constantly seeking to upgrade from ONE STUPID FOOL TO ANOTHER. I say stupid based upon my definition of, "Doing something knowing there is a slim or no chance but hoping she will change her mind, want you and cater to you as you are doing to her".


If males want these types of females and what comes with them it's THEIR CHOICE. My suggestion is to AVOID these types of females and select women that have PREPARED themselves for life's responsibililties because THEY DO EXIST.

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