Saturday, December 18, 2010

Real Love Comes From Her Heart, Not From YOUR Wallet

IF you are going to choose a companion, choose one that will want you for you. There are those that will be there for you and will withstand the test of time and temptation (of other men) with you. A REAL WOMAN will see the value in YOU. All that a REAL HO wants is WHAT'S IN YOUR WALLET and how well you can serve HER until she finds who she feels is THE ONE and then DUMPS YOU.

DON'T waste your time on those immature, inconsiderate females that IGNORE YOU or send you to YOUR wallet in order to spend time with them. They are a waste and should be left to the males that are EXPERIENCED at doing to those types of females what they would eventually do to YOU. Leave those females to the REAL players and thugs that they deserve.

She has to desire you just as much and maybe even more than you do her. The reason is because SHE will be getting more attention and offers from other males than you will be getting from other females and IF she feels she has the man that she wants she will not allow others to disrupt what the two of you are attempting to develop.

TOO MANY males will have wasted their time and finances catering to uncaring females when they should have been investing that time and finances in themselves. By the time many of them reach their 40's they will have accomplished nothing of value in their lives. Many of them will not even have developed any marketable skills and the best that they will be able to do is know the latest DANCE MOVES and TALK TRASH to useless females and their male friends.

When the hair is gone, YOUR MONEY is gone, the women are gone because YOUR money is gone, YOUR vision begins to fade, YOUR hard body has softened up, YOU are moving a little slower, THE PILL doesn't work any longer, YOUR skin starts to wrinkle and dry, will YOU be able to accept the fact that years ago I TOLD YOU SO or will you be looking like an 'ole FOOL thinking you still got what it takes to get the ladies?

PREPARE YOURSELF NOW for your future later. ENJOY YOURSELF NOW and the pleasures that life has to offer.

If you sacrifice YOUR future by catering to and supporting INCONSIDERATE females, those same females will be laughing AT YOU and not WITH YOU because by then the jokes will be ON YOU "CLOWN".


  1. You are too funny.

  2. The pictures on monkeys andf on this topic makes me laugh because it reminds me of a quote from the movie Mission Impossible 2: " Women... like monkeys they are mate, won't let go of one branch until they have a firm hold on another" LOL now of course this doesn't describe all but many. I have a saying i use all the Time. There are Tons of males in this world but not many MEN, just as there are tons of females in this world but very few WOMEN. ALL Men are males but not all males are MEN just as all WOMEN are females but not all females are WOMEN. This being said know that a MAN can only accept a WOMAN in his life for only a WOMAN can satisfy, balance, and help make him whole. A female at best can only entertain then later bring woe.

  3. Thanks Romeo for your wisdom and input. I hope others read what you have commented and apply it.