Friday, January 21, 2011

MOST Males Will ALWAYS Be Financially Uncomfortable and Periodically Struggling

Excerpt from "The Millionaire Next Door"

"Most people will never become wealthy in one generation if they are married to people who are wasteful".

J. Duval's Response to the above Excerpt

There are many women that will WELCOME the idea of building a FINANCIALLY COMFORTABLE, RESPONSIBLE and MUTUALLY LOVING relationship so why are you WASTING YOUR TIME chasing or in a relationship with a skeezer?

"Most males will never become financially comfortable in their lifetime if they are involved with a female that is wasteful". MOST of you males reading this will become or remain financially UNCOMFORTABLE and STRUGGLING for the duration of your life.

Notice I underlined "this country" which has a significant IMPACT on a male's financial comfort. Let me take it one step further and add it's the "MENTALITY of many of the females in this country" and so that mentality of those females that has spread all over the world such that females coming into this country have to be CAREFULLY screened due to the tendency of many of them to CONVERT to SKEEZERS once they get their feet firmly planted in this country AND in your finances.

I've known of and have heard of MANY females that exist in this country with that mentality that will INTENTIONALLY attempt to corrupt women new to this country who's mindset is that of a CARING, MAN-LOVING woman. Many of the females reading this blog are going to be those corrupt ones that I speak of. They are not happy with themselves. They have a bad attitude. They have made selfish choices that have turned bad on them and now it's their MISSION to DESTROY any female they come in contact with that is happy, loving and catering to her man.

J. Duval's Objective

Since I speak to the average working, low-to-just-above average income males I prefer to have them focuse on a MORE REALISTIC and OBTAINABLE goal of FINANCIAL COMFORT as opposed to reaching the status of MILLIONAIRE. If for whatever means you do acquire that millionaire status then God bless you but that WILL NOT be the case for MOST of you.

J. Duval's Definition of Financial Comfort

- Able to pay your bills (ON TIME),

- Able to take an annual PLANNED vacation,

- Able to put away a little savings (may not be a huge amount but enough).

J. Duval's Reasons Why MOST Males Will Never Reach Financial Comfort (these are just a few)

- DIVORCE will make YOU uncomfortable and HER comfortable from the money EXTORTED from you and from the next male that's FOOLISH enough to continue to support HER

- YOU not requiring HER to FULLY participate FINANCIALLY in the maintenance of that relationship cause after all.... YOU DA BIG MAN, YOU WEAR DA PANTS, YOU PAY DA BILLS, right while she simply spends HER money on herself or puts HER money away IF the day comes when SHE decides to LEAVE YOU

- YOU place the DESIRE for a PARTICULAR female above your own prosperity and peace-of-mind

- YOU believe you are a player, ladies man, etc. yet all of the time IT'S YOU that's paying and getting played

- YOU place YOUR VAULE BELOW that of a female such that she does not have to do what you've done to yourself

- YOU believe your self-worth is based upon how well you can impress a female by spending money on her

- YOU believe in order to KEEP that female you have to continue to spend to keep her from getting bored with you

- YOU believe in order to KEEP that female you have to do WHATEVER it takes to keep her happy and wanting you

- YOU believe your pursuit for POON should be place above your pursuit for EDUCATION and MARKETABLE skills

- YOU believe you can't function without being in a relationship REGARDLESS of how little she cares for you

- YOU believe your mission in life is to deposit YOUR sperm into a female(s) multiple times and have her/them conceive

- Some of YOU may get that TROPHY female you desire, that EGO you desire from having that trophy yet you will STILL NOT have her functioning in that LOVING and co-operative manner that you desire (oh yea, prayer won't help you because God gave you COMMON SENSE which YOU choose to IGNORE) and if you do obtain that financial comfort guess what happens to AT LEAST half of what YOU (not her) have worked to achieve if she decides to leave.


IMMEDIATELY DUMP (if you are strong enough) those females that retard YOUR prosperity and peace-of-mind, get control of your life and get yourself a FRUGAL woman (if you are seeking a meaningful and co-operative relationship).

MOST males will NEVER become wealthy/millionaires.

MOST males WILL HAVE the opportunity to become financially comfortable but sadly MOST males WILL RUIN their opportunity to obtain that financial comfort and peace-of-mind due to the reasons stated above and that's just the REALITY of what exists for now.

MANY females, on the other hand, will simply LEAVE or PRESSURE those males who CANNOT MAINTAIN their spending IF they get opportunities/offers from other males.

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  1. They were actually silly questions and it was clear that you struggled to stay positive in the face of such nonsense. Keep up the good work.