Monday, May 6, 2013

JAI DUVAL'S EXCLUSIVE: The "B" Hive Clandestine Organization and Hierarchy EXPOSED

I have taken time to research these bitches and now I am going to be the first to actually publicize it right here on my page. Many of you may not believe what you are about to read because YOU have been PROGRAMMED to think this does not exist.



This DOES NOT APPLY to considerate, responsible, man-loving women.


We males need to ACCEPT FACT that we are ALL GETTING FUCKED regardless of age, ethnicity, race, color, educational, religious or economic background and need to form an alliance.

Just as the hierarchy of the Mafia was exposed generations ago, here is another organization that has been functioning in a well-planned and structured manner.


There is a DISTINCT difference between the "Angry Female" and the "Bitch". 

- The angry female functions SOLELY on emotion. 

- The bitch functions on a combination of "planning" and "CONTROLLED emotion".


The "B" Hive evolved out of the Feminist Movement and has been active ever since. Their soul purpose is to DOMINATE and CONTROL a man's life and if they can't do that then they are to DESTROY his future. DO NOT take the "B" Hive lightly.



Accept it or not but the BLACK bitch IS THE MAN in this organization and DOES NOT WANT a man. She is a sociopath and simply enjoys seeing HER bitches destroy the relationships of good men and good women AND the lives of good men.

This bitch has the MOST FOUL and LOUDEST MOUTH and is THE ONLY bitch that can cross those color lines and IMPOSE her will.

ALL ORDERS come from this bitch. No other bitch can divert from her orders without her permission. If they do, they will suffer the consequences of the queen's wrath.


There are four sub-organization under the Queen's domain as shown from left to right in the photo. 

1) Brown, 

2) Yellow, 

3) Black, and 

4) White. 

These bitches are ASSIGNED and RESTRICTED to their own organization. They cannot interfere with or override any other lieutenant's authority WITHOUT THE PERMISSION of the Queen.

These bitches have made POOR CHOICES in men (i.e., Players, Pretty Boys and Thugs who's GAME far exceeded theirs) and they got played and now are BITTER bitches looking for REVENGE.

These bitches CANNOT GET A MAN or HAVE PROBLEMS KEEPING A MAN so they spend much of their time monitoring the activities of the queen's soldiers and seeking out relationships of good women to damage or destroy.

These bitches are very ENVIOUS of any good woman that has a happy, healthy and loving relationship because of their INABILITY to have one.

These bitches have that Entitlement mindset and have TRAINED their soldiers well.


These bitches have been thoroughly trained and are skilled in the art of COMMAND, DECEPTION and MANIPULATION and know exactly what to do the keep a good man under control. They understand Entitlement and expect a man to pay their way and do things for them WITHOUT having EARNED THE RIGHT to receive such treatment.


I have NOW given you information about this CLANDESTINE organization. It's up to you to APPLY this information when you leave this classroom. Class is dismissed.

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  1. This was a great post. It was so on point, I hope a lot of Men pay close attention to what was said here.