Friday, May 3, 2013

Most Females Will Give You Nothing But PUSSY

I'm sure MANY of you have a problem with my DIRECT and NON-POLITICALLY CORRECT statements but that's because you have been bombarded with so much STUPID SHIT, LIES and GAME that when you hear TRUTH you get defensive or an attitude.


This DOES NOT APPLY to all females but certainly applies to most of them.


Let me first state that ALL YOU NEED is just one LOVING, COOPERATIVE woman (good luck in finding that RARE type) that will work with you instead of these PAY-PER-VIEW Ho's and ENTITLEMENT MINDED Bitches that you have to chase, spend money on and/or over-extend yourself for to have her in your presence.

YOU DON'T NEED all of those females that you are attempting to get next to or MAINTAIN communication with. Why? Because MOST of them are nothing but PUSSY and would be a burden and/or a waste of your time and money.

THERE ARE FAR MORE females out there that are IMMATURE and MENTALLY FUCKED UP because they have made (and continue to make) BAD CHOICES in the types of males they interact with.

THERE ARE FAR LESS women that are MATURE and MENTALLY STABLE because they have made (and continue to make) GOOD CHOICES in the types of males they interacted with.


PROBLEMATIC. A person that presents perplexity or difficulty.

UNSTABLE. Lacking control of one's emotions; marked by unpredictable behavior.

SELFISH. Chiefly concerned with one's own interest, advantage, etc., esp to the total exclusion of the interests of others

STUPID. Doing something that one knows they should not be doing yet they do it anyway.

YOKE. Something that connects or joins together; a bond or tie.


The above descriptions WILL be that of most of the females you come in contact with and once they discover how stable and unselfish YOUR LIFE is, they will attempt to YOKE their problematic, unstable, selfish and stupid behavior onto your life.


The more attractive she is (or thinks she is), the more PUSSY you will get from her.


It's because they are so accustomed to 1) having their way, 2) having so many "thirsty" guys come at them or 3) choosing so many Players, Pretty Boys or Thugs that their MIND is ALL FUCKED UP. 

To them, "foolish trash talk, drama and immature behavior is attractive and normal" and "straight sensible talk, peace and mature behavior is unattractive and abnormal".


COMMUNICATION is one of the biggest RED FLAGS. Their LACK of communication in a sensible manner let's you know that they are STILL in that immature, unstable phase in their life.

STUCK ON STUPID in their behavior. They tend to remain in that STUPID mental state or physical environment with other stupid behaving people because THAT IS their comfort zone regardless of their "claims" of being mature and pass that point in their lives.

ADDICTED ATTENTION HO because of their looks and WILL NOT give it up even though if's fucking up their mentality and way of life. They have placed MORE VALUE in the AMOUNT of attention they can receive from many men rather than the QUALITY of the attention they can receive from one man. 


If you are NOT looking for PUSSY, then you need to ask a female, "What is it about you that will benefit me spending time getting to know you"?


MOST females have been REDUCED to PUSSY because of the type of immature, shallow and stupid males they have been accustomed to associating with. Maturity, stability and responsibility makes them uncomfortable because NOW they have to apply more than THEIR LOOK (in a manner that teases) or THEIR MIND (in a manner that talks shit) and that is something they are NOT ACCUSTOMED to doing.


They will ARGUE or ALIENATE themselves from you because it is FAR EASIER for them to act STUPID as opposed to simply GROW UP and behave in a mature manner.


Attempt to reach their COMMON SENSE twice because they have been turned into PUSSY and don't know any better AS LONG AS it does not do any damage to you.

AFTER two attempts, if she does not begin to respond to you in a consistent and mature manner, DUMP HER and MOVE ON.


This information is for YOUR consideration. I can only provide it. You have to decide if you want PEACE or PUSSY in your life.

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