Thursday, April 25, 2013

WOMAN UP: Adulthood Means Work, Sacrifice and Being Responsible For Self

So many females want the OPPORTUNITIES that are available to them when it BENEFITS THEM with AS LITTLE EFFORT as possible. When those opportunities becomes a BURDEN to them many of them NOW want to REVERT back to CHLIDHOOD and place THEIR BURDEN on the male that has a PERSONAL interest in her.


This DOES APPLY to any female that behaves in this manner.

This DOES NOT APPLY to any female that DOES NOT behave in this manner.


The harder you work and more stress you receive, the longer SHE lives not you.

The following statement was made so you know me (smile), if I see it as something that may potentially impact the average Joe in a NEGATIVE manner I am posting it. Here is the statement:

"I have always been responsible for myself. I put myself through college. I traveled Europe and other places ALONE and have been taking care of myself since I was a child. I am tired".


Comment 1. I have always been responsible for myself.
Response 1. Isn't that what an adult is supposed to do?

Comment 2. I put myself through college.
Response 2. So am I supposed to congratulate you for something that you should be expected to do?

Comment 3. I traveled Europe and other places ALONE.
Response 3. And what's so special about that? Many people travel alone.

Comment 4. Have been taking care of myself since I was a child.
Response 4. Were you abandoned and raised yourself on the streets? If not, seems like you have issues with IRRESPONSIBLE parents that you need to resolve.

Comment 5. I am tired.
Response 5. We men are tired too AS WELL AS tired of being EXPECTED to carry YOUR BURDENS.  Welcome to the reality of adulthood. If you don't like it then be a BURDEN to someone else (as an adult) or simply lay down and die.

Comments 1 - 4 is definitely something to be PROUD OF (as an individual) but is nothing that should be praised and looked upon as special by anyone else because those things are what ANY RESPONSIBLE ADULT (male or females) should be EXPECTED to do if they want to be considered a responsible adult.

Comment 5 is nothing new.  It's called CONSISTENT work and sacrifice which WILL make anyone tired sometimes.


1. FINANCIAL IRRESPONSIBILITY. They have LIVED THEIR DREAM (i.e., "travel to different places", "shop and dine at expensive places", put it on a credit card and build up UNMANAGEABLE debt.

2. SINGLE MOTHERHOOD. They choose IRRESPONSIBLE or no good males (i.e., Players, Pretty Boys, Thugs or Financially Well-to-Do types) and get KNOCKED UP by them, relationship (whatever that was) is dissolved so she is now trying to raise THEIR (not your) child or children ALONE.

Far too often males will ALLOW many females to OPT OUT of their responsibilities SHE CREATED and he will FOOLishly ASSume them in exchange for companionship.

[QUESTIONS (using the examples above)]

1. Where were you when she was enjoying her travels?  Did you benefit from it?

2. Do you think that she would have PAID HER WAY if she had traveled with YOU?

3. Where were you when she was enjoying the sex that led to her getting knocked up? Were you taking turns with him?


No matter how rough it gets. No matter how tired they get. The bottom line?

"THAT'S LIFE BABY so LIVE WITH IT just like we have to OR LAY DOWN AND DIE cause we are not going to ASSume YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES and allow you to become a BURDEN to us just to have your companionship".


DO NOT ALLOW some female to come into your life and DUMP her responsibilities THAT SHE ENJOYED WITHOUT YOU on you.

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