Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Rule #40: The More Attractive She Is The More Game And Deception You Must Use On Her

Don’t allow her attractiveness to weaken you.  SHE IS SKILLED at recognizing and manipulating that ATTRACTION and WEAKNESS you have for her. 


You should AVOID pretty females UNTIL after they have been SEVERELY abuse by the Players, Pretty Boys and Thugs because they have NOT YET BEEN CONDITIONED to appreciate and work with the decent, common, average Joe male.

If they get KNOCKED UP (married or not married) by any of those types, you need to AVOID her COMPLETELY because she will NEVER be of any consistent contribution to you AS LONG AS the child or children are still living with her OR their father or fathers are STILL ALIVE.


At least 95 percent of these types will REJECT THE AVERAGE JOE until they have been emotionally, psychologically and/or physically beaten down by males that don’t care about them or until their marketable value has diminished such that they are no longer receiving the kind of attention that they desire. 

Typically that value will diminish due to age, physical changes, having children or needing a male in their life to dump their responsibility onto.

She will use her skilled game of tease, illusion and deception to 1) weaken you, 2) get you to drop your defenses and willingly give her what she wants, 3) then knock you out and finally 4) take what she can that’s left as they are dragging you out of the ring.  

The more attractive she is or she thinks she is the more she expects you to serve her and put out for the opportunity to spend time with her.  You will probably say that I’m exaggerating so prove me wrong by her actions and not my words.   


If you don't have the MENTAL STRENGTH to NOT fall in love with one of these types, I would suggest that you AVOID THEM COMPLETELY. and leave them to the Players, Pretty Boys and Thugs that WON'T FALL IN LOVE with them and will treat them in the same THOUGHTLESS MANNER as they will treat you.

Promise her everything since that’s what she is accustomed to and expects you to do.  Give her just enough to keep her interested and get as much as you can from her.

Pretend to be all that she selfishly expects you to be but don’t place a burden upon yourself in the process.  Her vanity, arrogance, lack of respect, her high expectations of you spending money is her weakness so use it against her, get what you can while you can before she decides to dump you.  Trust me, you won’t be able to comfortably maintain a relationship with her and she will dump you when a bigger opportunity comes.

Do not be stupid and fall in love or think you can persuade her to fall in love with you.  It’s not about love and if you cease to provide those things she desires she will certainly dump you and make herself available for other opportunities.


The vast majority of those types of females will only accept a male if he has money, money potential or status that they feel will eventually benefit her and produce a lifestyle that she desires. 

Most of those types will rarely have a genuine interest in the average male unless she is very young, naive and have not been made aware of the benefits she can receive if she uses her looks in the proper manner to manipulate males. 

Once she becomes aware, your chances are slim and none if you think just being in love with you will keep her.  WAKE UP TO TODAY’S REALITY.

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