Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What Does She Bring To The Table Besides "The Big 3"?

MOST of the females you will come in contact with usually NEVER bring anything CONSISTENT to the DATING or RELATIONSHIP table AND use it in a manner that benefits THEM as opposed to JUST HER.

Most of them WILL SHOW YOU what else they are bringing but REMOVE IT off the table as soon as the dating or relationship begins.  The ONLY things most of them will leave on that table are FRUSTRATION, TEASE and FINANCIAL LIABILITY.


I CHALLENGE any and every female to prove me wrong with her CONSISTENT behavior that does not include THE BIG 3.

This DOES APPLY to any female that functions PRIMARILY with only THE BIG 3.

This DOES NOT APPLY to women that consistently contributes something other than THE BIG 3 when dating or in a relationship with a man.

This SHOULD NOT OFFEND, DISTURB or RUN AWAY a woman of substance and quality because she has more than THE BIG 3 to offer a decent, responsible man.


Remove THE BIG 3 and see what else (if anything) she can contribute. How many of these so-called "Independent, Intelligent, Strong and Educated" females do you think will react in a MATURE manner if you presented this to them.

I would be willing to guess that about 20% of them would react in a mature manner and out of that 20%, you will probably NOT SEE 80% (that's 16 out of 20) afterwards.


1. FRUSTRATION from hearing mostly nonsense coming out of her loud mouth, 
2. TEASE from exposing her cleavage and wearing tight clothing to tease you with her body, and 
3. FINANCIAL LIABILITY from expecting you to pay her way whenever the two of you are together in a social setting).


Of course not but why don't you present this to them and do a head count.


They don't contribute attributes that would have you see them as a partner/wife and will add or multiply the quality of dating and an eventual relationship as opposed to coming in and subtracting or dividing from what YOU BRING.


1. Will they contribute sensible conversation that you can learn from and apply in a productive manner (stupid reality shows and stupid talk shows do not count as sensible), 
2. Will they talk about and show you how well they can cook (microwaving tacos and pre-cooked meals do not count),
3. Will they demonstrate how thoughtful they are of you by planning dates and inviting you out (she should NOT pay your way because she invited. both of you are to pay your own way which shows financial responsibility on both parts),
4. Will they demonstrate how organized they can be (being on time),
5. Will they demonstrate how basic and simple they can be (that simplicity is what minimizes the pressure in relationships for each other to do stupid shit like try and impress each other on a regular basis),
6. Will they demonstrate their ability to MATURELY disagree and still want to be around you,
7. Will they demonstrate their ability to just be in your company and BE QUIET?

Those 7 items above, as a minimum, are things that DECENT, RESPONSIBLE males want to see a woman demonstrate if he is to have a personal interest and possible long-term relationship with her.


Do you have the BALLS and BACKBONE to present what should be considered REASONABLE for a self-proclaimed INTELLIGENT, INDEPENDENT, STRONG and EDUCATED female?


If you don't have the BALLS and BACKBONE to present this then simply pull out your wallet, spend some money and hope you eventually get to see her tits and "maybe" touch her pussy.

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