Friday, April 12, 2013

Bringing Something To The Table Means Nothing If Not Used

Bringing Something To The Table DOES NOT MEAN She Will Use It In The Relationship to Benefit The Relationship

I'm sure many of you have heard females talk about, "What they Bring to the Table". Other than thinking about SEX, have you EVER given thought to how much (if any) of what they bring is APPLIED DIRECTLY to MAINTAINING that relationship AS OPPOSED to MAINTAINING themselves?


This SHOULD BE APPLIED to any female that uses that "bring to table" sentence.


Ever wonder why you will NEVER HEAR a female tell that to someone making six figures or more UNLESS she is making the same or close to the same amount? For example:

SHE makes $50,000 a year and he makes $2,000,000 a year. Do you really think SHE is gonna put that on the table? Absolutely not. The only thing SHE will put on the table for a guy like that is SEX unless she knows that guy is wealthy but weak. In that case, she places a warm smile, a hug and an occasional kiss because SHE KNOWS that she is IN CONTROL of him.


The guy that's making the same amount or less than her will get that TOSSED IN HIS FACE.


It's more of an IN YOUR FACE expression as opposed to WHAT I WILL CONTRIBUTE if we are in a relationship. Most of them have NO INTENTION on equally contributing.


They take what they have placed off the table AFTER getting in that relationship and replace with "You are the MAN and the PRIMARY PROVIDER in this relationship".

They use THEIR MONEY to keep themselves looking desirable (by the way, don't think that it's just for you) so they can receive ATTENTION, COMPLIMENTS and sometimes OFFERS that they may or may not accept from other men as well as ENVY from other females.

They SAVE some of their money IN THE EVENT the relationship DOES NOT LAST because that is what they are RAISED and TAUGHT to do while you SPEND YOUR MONEY to maintain the relationship and have very little (if any left) if the relationship DOES NOT LAST.


DO NOT ACCEPT the high maintenance (for you) EXCUSE for not equally financially contributing to the relationship when she has the ability to do so. If that is the case, get yourself an ORIGINAL (i.e. naturally attractive woman) and not an IMITATION that REQUIRES masking with make-up and flaunting a weave.

If a females comes at you with that, "What She Brings to the Table" nonsense then REQUIRE her to EQUALLY APPLY IT to help maintain the relationship. If she DOES NOT want to comply, DUMP her FALSE ADVERTISING, MAN-USING ass.


All I can do is present SENSIBLE information in these classes to benefit you. It's up to you to APPLY IT to her afterwards.

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