Saturday, March 30, 2013

I Don't Hate Black Women, I Simply Value Me More

I have been criticized by black men and black women for my PUBLIC statement about NO LONGER dating black females. Yes it's true and I will not be like other black males that are AFRAID to state such. I felt the NEED to GET THE RECORD STRAIGHT here.


This DOES NOT REFLECT the attitude of ALL black females.

This DOES REPRESENT the attitude of all black females that I attempted to date on a personal level when it comes to THEIR INTEREST IN and EXPECTATIONS of me.


I will be sociable, respectful, speak in an intelligent and mature manner, acknowledge (make "eye contact" and say "hello" when I come in the presence of) and be polite to ANY black female. I WILL NOT DEVALUE MYSELF such that I feel the need to spend money on her in order to spend time with her.

Going way back in time, when I used to date black females, it had gotten to a point where I really had to question, "Am I really cheap" OR "Do the ones that I have an attraction to simply do not have the same attraction to me"?


Living in Los Angeles gives a man the opportunity to experience females of different cultures and races other than their own. I've dated Italian, Mexican, Asian, Iranian, German, Puerto Rican, Filipino, Russian, Caucasian and maybe some others that I can't recall.

There has NEVER BEEN an issue about paying their way when we went on dates to simply have a pleasant time. There has NEVER BEEN a need to justify why she has to pay her own way. There has NEVER BEEN "that look" or "that attitude" from them.


(Personal Experience). I simply ACCEPTED FACT that the black females that I was attracted to was NOT attracted to me and did not have enough interest in me to think of me in any way OTHER THAN someone to take them out and have a good time by me paying their way. 

- Was I angry at them for that? Absolutely not although I was rather disappointed.

- Did I hate them for that? Absolutely not. I simply decided what was best for me which was women who "DID HAVE a MUTUAL attraction to and interest in me" as opposed to those who "DID NOT HAVE a MUTUAL attraction to and interest in me".

I used to get into DEEP discussions with black females regarding them paying their own way and these were females that were gainfully employed. Of course even those DEEP discussions had to be on dates that I HAD TO PAY FOR.

(Personal Assumption). I believe that MOST (not all for the morons) black females have been RAISED (by females), SOCIALIZED (by the media) and SPOILED (by males) such that they have EVOLVED into:

- UNEARNED ENTITLEMENT MINDED BITCHES that expect a male to give her SPECIAL treatment just because he has a personal interest in getting to know her

- HOs SELLING THEIR TIME when it comes to a male spending his TIME with her in his attempt to get to know her

- INCONSIDERATE FEMALE that believe in order for a male to date her HE HAS to pay her way

- DISRESPECTFUL to a point of NOT ACKNOWLEDGING (making "eye contact" and saying "hello") and REDUCING the male to an ATM even before she gets to know the contents of his character

(Social Behavior). STUPID because MANY of them WILLINGLY CHOOSE and GET KNOCKED UP by the KNOWN Married Men, Men Already in a Relationship, Players, Pretty Boys, Thugs or Financially Well-to-Do males that SHE KNOWS don't give a shit about her but SHE BELIEVES she CAN CHANGE him or HOPE HE WILL CHANGE by doing all kinds of things FOR HIM and TO HIM that they would NEVER do for the decent, common Joe that would GENUINELY love her.


Save the "you sound angry or bitter" comment. What I sound is INTELLIGENT and CONSIDERATE because I am making a decision that benefits me (that's intelligent) WITHOUT causing harm to or taking advantage of others (that's considerate).


I will make NO APOLOGIES to anyone for my SELF RESPECTING decision to NOT HAVE any personal or sexual interest in a black female again. We can be PLATONIC friends, I will RESPECT those that respect me, I will AVOID those that disrespect me and we can do SOCIAL things together AS LONG AS they pay their own way.

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