Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Is She In It For The "Long Haul" or "Just Passing Through"?

So many males STILL have that OUT-DATED, 50's and 60's PROGRAMMED mentality to work themselves into BANKRUPTCY, PHYSICAL DISABILITY or an EARLY DEATH for the convenience and pleasure of the female he is in a marital or non-marital relationship with.


This DOES NOT APPLY to women who genuinely love men and participate WHERE SHE CAN in a manner that RELIEVES the man of as much emotional and financial STRESS as possible.

This DOES APPLY to the foolish man that will work himself into disability or destruction for a female that is capable of SHARING the responsibilities of a relationship but REFUSES to do so.


Time and time again, I've seen or heard of men that work, work, work to please a female while she work, work, work AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE but continues to SPEND, SPEND, SPEND when she desires knowing that HE will provide the time, resources and finances to ALLOW HER to continue to do so.

That mentality and behavior may have been the thing of the past but even then the women lived based on HIS LABOR INTENSIVE, HARD EARNED MONEY rather than HER SELFISH DESIRES.  What he made, they lived off of such that she DID NOT REQUIRE that he worked extra hours or got a second or third job just to PLEASE HER.


So many males STILL have that mentality today EVEN THOUGH the majority of females are quite capable of working and bringing home money to maintain somewhat of a decent lifestyle.  Instead, those FOOLS are working extended hours, multiple jobs and putting UNNECESSARY wear and tear on themselves mentally and physically FOR HER COMFORT?




How much do YOU really CARE ABOUT YOU?


1.  Have her share the responsibilities of that relationship so that it minimizes the physical, mental and financial stress on YOU,

2.  If she won't share in those responsibilities that SHE IS CAPABLE OF then DUMP of her LAZY, INCONSIDERATE ass,


That kind of SELF-DESTRUCTIVE mindset and behavior has got to stop IMMEDIATELY.

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