Thursday, March 14, 2013

Men Are Used Because They Are Raised By Their Mothers To Be Used

Most men are not used because they are dumb, most men are used because they are raised by their mothers to be used. 

There seems to be a growing hesitance to speaking the truth about a female IF it is something that is negative about her ordoes not benefit her EVEN IF it is TRUTH.



This post is for the benefit of young males who have NOT YET been used because they were RAISED to be used by their mothers.


Most mothers will teach their sons how to treat a female special. Most mothers want their sons to get a good education, a GREAT job then find himself a female that he can TAKE CARE OF.

Stop Right Here!!!!!!!!!


Most mothers DO NOT raise their sons to HAVE EXPECTATIONS of the female taking care of herself in a relationship with him. They raise their sons in a manner that:

1. His expectations of the female is simply to HAVE HER EXPECT HIM to TAKE CARE OF HER.

2. His expectations of himself is to do all that he can and sacrifice all that he has to take care of her and make her happy.

MOTHERS (most of them) ONLY teach their sons how to treat a female BASED upon how SHE (the mother) wants to be treated.  Many times the young boy is programmed to behave in a "care taker's role" because HIS mother DID NOT receive that type of treatment. 

In essence, SHE is trying to "re-live" her life through witnessing what her son will do for another female so that she can get some SELF-GRATIFICATION that she contributed to another female getting the treatment SHE DID NOT GET. 

It's a form of self-induced psychological therapy that, in most cases, simply set her son (or sons) up TO BE USED. 

In other words, the MOTHER is unintentionally and indirectly (through her own personal failed attempt at getting the Cinderella treatment) contributing to the demise of her son. 

FATHERS (most of them that are living in the same house) usually go along to get along which simply means "avoid" hearing her bitch at him OR give him a SEXUAL timeout like he is a child himself.


The sons grow up with the "care taker at all cost to him" mentality and ultimately MOST of them end up used, frustrated and some of them REACT in a domestically VIOLENT manner.


1. To minimize or prevent young males from getting used.

2. To force females to be responsible for themselves and make smarter choices in life.

3. To minimize or ELIMINATE domestic violence that will SURELY result (in many cases) from the male being used.


Many MOTHERS (themselves) are so damaged or desperate for that special treatment that they WILL NOT SEE the how they are SETTING UP THEIR SONS to be used. 

Those types of mothers are so damaged and self-absorbed that by the time MOST of them realize it, their son or sons will have been taken advantage of at least twice BEFORE HE REALIZES that HIS MOM has F*CKED HIS LIFE UP with the manner in which she has raised him.


Reach those young males AFTER they leave home and hopefully REPROGRAM them BEFORE they get into a relationship and apply what their mothers or fathers (who have been raised or conditioned (by his mate) taught them.

I would love to get to these young males before adulthood but I would have to interact with the parents and that would be a waste of my time.


Most females, nowadays, have NO RESPONSIBILITY during dating or in a committed marital or non-marital relationship BEYOND what she wants to do or wants to contribute.

Males need to RID THEMSELVES of that "take care of her" mindset and rid themselves of those females that believe in that mindset.

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