Saturday, March 16, 2013

THE WORKING BLACK FEMALE: Why Is It Insulting To The MAJORITY of Them To Expect Them To Pay Her Own Way?

I am posting this due to the private "I HATE BLACK WOMEN" message session I had with a black female that claimed I hate black women and black men are abandoning them.  I'm sure the other groups have similar problems as well but since a black female brought this up I will speak to her and them.


This DOES APPLY to ALL WORKING black females who REFUSE TO or EXPECT A MAN TO pay her way when spending time with her IF any expenses are involved.

I DO NOT HATE black women, I simply DESPISE ANY FEMALE with that attempts to IMPOSE her UNEARNED entitlement minded attitude upon me.

This DOES NOT APPLY to ALL females within a certain group but it does apply to those within that group with that entitlement minded attitude.

This DOES NOT APPY to non-black females who have been CORRUPTED by black females to behave in the same manner that males are attempting to avoid.

This DOES NOT APPLY to males who feel the NEED or OBLIGATION to spend his money on a female.


BEFORE I BEGIN, let me state to the black SELF-PROCLAIMED INDEPENDENT, WORKING females reading this that I have NO DESIRE to try and figure out why YOU ARE so INSULTED when you are expected to be responsible for you and pay your own way ALL THE TIME.

Even thought it may be DIFFICULT for you TO ACCEPT, I am going to attempt to INTELLIGENTLY COMMUNICATE with you regarding this matter.  To AVOID reading THE TRUTH regarding OUR EXPERIENCES with you, "You can simply STOP right here, DROP the entitlement minded attitude, PAY YOUR OWN WAY and YOU will never have to take this PERSONALLY.

I have personally found that the COMMON male and especially the black male stands a far better chance of getting the female that HE finds attractive, IS MUTUALLY attracted to him and WILL BE treated in a fair-minded, non-entitlement manner and loving way with non-black females.

As I have stated and will continue to state, my post are for the COMMON man regardless of his race, color or creed. The AVERAGE black Joe would do far better to STOP trying to figure out why, STOP debating why, ABANDON that black female type and open themselves up to other females that RESPECT him and will pay.

For the purposes of simplicity I will list them in the form of colors. His option are:

1 - Brown

2 - White

3 - Red

4 - Yellow

5 - Mixed


These are just a few comments spoken by black females:

- "Oh, he don't like his own kind,

- "He is a traitor to his own race,

- "He must have issues with his mother,

- "Oh he wants one of those submissive women",

- "He is supposed to have a woman that looks like his mother (now what in the f*ck does this one mean and why get someone that looks like my mother but DON'T BEHAVE in a loving, unselfish, responsible manner like my mother?)",

- "Oh he wants a woman that will do what he says (another STUPID statement they will make. what SANE man, does not want a woman that will do what he says?).

This is the kind of comments you hear from stupid, envious, domineering, selfish and lousy attitude black females.


- "Why does he have to go outside of his own kind"?

[RESPONSES TO ME BY MALES (based upon testimony)]

- "I got tired of having to take her out most of the time"

- "When we dated she paid her own way and me spending money on her was never an issue"

- "I found me a woman that was both loving and financially independent"

- "I found me a non-black woman and was pleasantly surprised how simple and easy of a person she is. I guess I was too accustomed to the attitudes of the attractive black women and was on my guards"

- "The black women I found attractive had too many high or UNEARNED expectations"

- "I went outside and found me a woman that was raised to love a man and not look for what she can get from him"

- "I got tired of those fake ass weaves and got me the real deal"

- "She had a great job, an education but was always broke"

- "I left them, I am happy and I am never going back even if this one does not last. At least if it don't last it will be because of basic differences we could not workout as opposed to high and unreasonable expectations"

- "NONE of the black females that I was attracted to was attracted to me"

- "You would not believe how much happier I am now without the drama and arguments"

- "When I met her she was interested in me as a person"

- "We would get together sometimes and I would not have to have long talks with her. She was just happy being in my company"

- "We dated for many months and most of the time we would NOT go out and she was just fine with that".


I have heard many black females post or talk to me about no longer dating and moving away from black males and my response was, "I am glad for you. Let me know when so I can throw you a going away party".

Just to show you how the attitude was, even when I agreed as stated above, MOST of them still had to argue with me. That shows you that an ATTITUDE like that is simply IMPOSSIBLE to please and you wold do yourself justice by leaving them alone and seeking your happiness elsewhere.

[QUESTIONS (you may be thinking) and MY RESPONSES]

Are you uncomfortable now that you have posted this?

Absolutely not. I am NEVER uncomfortable with the TRUTH. I have found more unreasonable females to be uncomfortable with the TRUTH because it the males hear it enough they just may take away the UNEARNED benefits these females are receiving from him.

Are you afraid that some black females will not like you or will lose interest in you after reading this?

Absolutely not because I practice LOVE OF SELF FIRST and I know there are 5 options available to me as opposed to 1 option not interested in me.

Aren't you afraid that I will be alone and grow old by yourself?

Of course not. As long as I have my health, my home and my retirement there will ALWAYS be females available that have f*cked their lives up choosing the wrong men and now looking to be fair-minded, sensible and cooperative in a relationship.

Do you approve of interracial relationships?

Absolutely yes. I approve of ANY relationship that brings peace of mind, happiniess and productivity to the COMMON man.  The black male needs to know that there are other options out there that are simply looking for a DECENT man to have a mutually loving relationship with.


Unlike MANY of EMASCULATED males out there, "I have the BACKBONE to stand upright and BALLS to say what I want to say and WILL NOT apologize, WILL NOT back down or WILL NOT compromise with the TRUTH to make any black female feel comfortable".

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