Sunday, March 10, 2013

MISOGYNY: Today's Defensive Mechanism To Silence the Truth

Have you noticed how gradually and skillfully the word misogyny has been designed to INCLUDE ANYTHING that a female does not like to hear about herself that is NEGATIVE and TRUTHFUL?




This post will be difficult to accept by SIMPs, Idiots, Morons, Irresponsible Females and Stupid people.

I DO NOT expect INTELLIGENT comments from any of the above.


Misogyny has been turned into a tool that is used in an attempt to get males to STOP speaking the truth about a female's scandalous, lazy, inappropriate and irresponsible behavior when it comes to males.


Misogyny truly exists but NOT by myself and other INTELLIGENT males. 

Misogyny is a behavior that is practiced by BOTH genders.


Misogyny is the hatred or dislike of women or girls. Misogyny can be manifested in numerous ways, including sexual discrimination, denigration of women, violence against women, and sexual objectification of women.

1. HATRED or DISLIKE. It is true that there are women and girls that are hated and disliked but let's not forget they are hated and disliked by both males and females. Why don't we use the term misogyny when females dislike or hate other females?

2. SEXUAL DISCRIMINATION. It is true that sexual discrimination exist. Here is ALSO a perfect example of sexual discrimination that females practice: "Males are EXPECTED to pay for females when out on social events but female's aren't expected to pay when they are out with other females" or "Ladies night where females receive a free pass or a discount".  Let's put an END to all special treatment to females (and males) and ONLY reward them based ONLY upon what THEY EARN rather than what THEY EXPECT.

3. DENIGRATION of WOMEN. To attack the reputation or character of or to belittle someone for no apparent reason is dead wrong. To speak the truth about someone's character that is negative based SOLELY upon her behavior is NOT denigration but speaking truth.

4. VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN. INITIATING violence against women or anyone is wrong and should not be tolerated. With that stated, tell me why is a female ALLOWED to INITIATE violence (i.e., slap, punch, pull and toss things) towards a male simply because of something he has said, non-violently done or did not do for her and HER EXCUSE is that she is an emotional creature. When females attack other females are they considered misogynistic?

5. SEXUAL OBJECTIFICATION of WOMEN. Sexual objectification is WRONG ONLY when a female uses her looks and DO NOT get what she wants. So interesting how females will use the PERCEPTION of sex by the way they dress, tease, speak and body language to GET SPECIAL TREATMENT (on and off the job), MATERIAL PERKS or get the financially well-to-do male to notice her and when a male RECEIVES that in a sexual manner (which is a normal human response by the way) HE is objectifying her? 


Since the above descriptions are about BEHAVIOR, tell me why aren't females that do the same things males are accused of doing NOT considered to be misogynistic.

[SOLUTION to this misogyny MISUSE]

Males have to not allow themselves to be "SILENCED" or "POLITICALLY CORRECTED" when speaking the TRUTH about the lazy, scandalous, irresponsible and inappropriate behavior of the majority of females.

Decent, responsible, man-loving WOMEN who desire to NOT be associated with the negative behavior of FEMALES need to clearly UNDERSTAND the difference between "Misogyny" and "Males Speaking the Truth" so that they don't argue with us or attempt to STOP us from speaking the truth.


If you have anything INTELLIGENT, SIMP-like or STUPID to add to this post please do so. I'm sure other readers would like to read it.

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