Friday, March 29, 2013

Jai Duval Accepts Michael Baisden's Challenge

Michael Baisden Wants Men To Challenge Black Women? Jai Duval Accepts that Challenge. 

Here are the 3 MAJOR CHALLENGES that I have been giving to black females for many years and I am looked upon as BEING BITTER or HATING THEM for doing so.

I had BEEN challenging women period and black women (in particular) for years. All I basically received was ANGER, NEGATIVE criticism and REJECTION because my challenges placed them in a position of being ACCOUNTABLE and RESPONSIBLE for themselves which in the company of a man. 

Since I was met with so much OPPOSITION and NEGATIVE criticism, I decided that I was going to STOP placing my attention on them and START placing my attention on the ones that was MOST NEGATIVELY impacted by her attitude and behavior which was the decent, common, average Joe male (which I am a part of). 


There is MY challenge to women. Does anyone agree or disagree with me? If you disagree with me, I would certainly welcome your INTELLIGENT and RATIONAL explanation.

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