Monday, March 11, 2013

SPECIAL EDUCATION CLASS: "Dumb Pros and Smart Hos"

This will be a SERIES of NEEDED classes designed specially for the male that has dreams of becoming a professional athlete. This class requires special attention simply based upon the HISTORY of DUMB shit athletes have done to allow Hos to, "F*ck Their Way Into an Early Retirement" through them.


These classes DO NOT APPLY to the average Joe male because Hos ONLY see you as a LAST OPTION when all else fail and they have no where else to go.

These classes DO APPLY to any young male who HAVE the talent and drive to become a professional athlete.

This class DOES NOT implicate all females as Hos. It ONLY applies to those females that BEHAVE as Hos no matter how they justify it.


Athletes and Hos are both spending time working out in the gym. They are doing it for the same purpose which is in preparation to ATTEMPT to secure a position that will provide them FINANCIAL SECURITY for life. 


The Athlete. He's working hard to condition his body, studying videos to learn the game, practicing techniques to improve his game in order to MAKE HIS MONEY.

The Ho. She's working hard to condition her body, reading the tabloids, talking to other "successful" Hos and looking at the reality shows to learn the game, practicing techniques to improve her game in order to TAKE HIS MONEY.


The Athlete. He will lose much of HIS money and his lifestyle WILL have to CHANGE.

The Ho. She will gain enough of HIS money and her lifestyle WILL REMAIN the same or improve IF she finds another DUMB athlete.


Every pretty female has been RAISED or PROGRAMMED through the media with that entitlement mindset such that she has been told that SHE DESERVES THE BEST. Whether or not she act upon it is really up to her AND the majority of them will try to use their looks at least twice in their ADULT LIFETIME.

MOST of them will f*ck, suck, swallow and take it RAW up her ass IF that's what it takes to get a millionaire athlete although MANY of them simply have to look cute and smile at a DUMB ASS ATHLETE and he will marry the Ho and GIVE her whatever she wants.


This class will set the foundation for the remainder of your life. I CAN'T get out there and help you MAKE your money but I surely can ASSIST you in KEEPING your money away from Hos.

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