Sunday, March 17, 2013

The American Negroes and Their Future in America

As far as being a CO-OPERATIVE, COLLECTIVE GROUP of people, I believe that is to be a PRETENTIOUS FANTASY and a NON-EXISTENT situation.

The END to the NEED for the american negroes role in the DEVELOPMENT and PRODUCTIVE PARTICIPATION of this country has been WELL thought of, INTELLIGENTLY planned and SLOWLY executed.

DON'T GET MAD at the Latino people. Although, in the beginning, we AFRICAN people were MURDERED (if we did not co-operate), SEPARATED (those that did live) and CULTURALLY DESTROYED (in order to reprogram us), we must realize that the Latino's did not do that to us so DON'T ALLOW the media to distract you and turn you AGAINST LATINO people.


This DOES NOT APPLY to all Latino people.

This RACIST, DESTRUCTIVE mentality and behavior DOES NOT APPLY to all white people.

The MAJORITY of Latino people are not going to function in the VIOLENT, racist manner that the MEDIA will try to make you believe.


Yes, every race or group of people have their INTERNAL problems and no one race of group of people will TOTALLY be in agreement or function in a mutually cooperative manner.  In saying that, I will state that I truly believe the group that is ON THE BOTTOM and will remain that way is the American Negro.

I saw this CHANGE slowly being put in place just before the turn of the century (2000) and knew it was only a matter of time before it would begin to occur. This CHANGE in demographic population is nothing new to this country. The only thing that HAS NOT CHANGED (yet) is the change in the power structure (i.e., the whites who SILENTLY and behind the scenes controls this country).


REGARDLESS of how it APPEARS to be, there is an UNADVERTISED, RACIST mentality that exists in this country you have to PICK A SIDE (white or black).

WHITE SIDE. You have the RIGHT to LIVE and PROSPER. Rights and privledged opportunities comes to you, AFTER WHITES GET THEIRS OF COURSE, before it comes to those who have chosen the black side. This is TRUE affirmative action and this is how affirmative action has always been.

BLACK SIDE. You have the RIGHT to SURVIVE and STRUGGLE. You have the RIGHT to REMAIN SILENT and simply ACCEPT whatever the WHITE SIDE does not want or no longer needs. You have the RIGHT to abuse and destroy ANYTHING or ANYONE on the black side as long as it does not impact the privledges we receive on the white side. If you cross that line and impact what the white side has, well will DESTROY you.

If you are ALLOWED on the so-called WHITE PRIVLEDGED side YOU MUST ADHERE to a certain mentality and belavhior.

Just as the HOUSE NEGROES abused their own in order to GAIN APPROVAL and SHOW their LOYALTY to the PLANTATION OWNERS, there WILL BE some Latinos that WILL ADOPT that same HOUSE NEGRO mentality and behavior towards black people for the same DESIRE TO ASSIMILATE and PROVE THEIR LOYALTY to the RACIST and INHUMANE practices of those in control of this land.


If you are black, african american, colored or whatever other term you have been ASSIGNED and are SURVIVING on the BLACK SIDE with, are you going to (or continue to) function in that disrespectful and self-destructive manner that you are ALLOWED and are EXPECTED to?


The american negroe's PRIMARY ROLE is slowly being REDUCED to the form of ENTERTAINMENT (music, sports, etc.), GENERATIONAL DEPENDENTS upon PUBLIC ASSISTANCE or PRISON INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX OCCUPANTS (designed by corporations to produce slave labor and big profits).

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