Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Do Not DESTROY Young Males BEFORE They Even Get Started

He HASN'T FINISHED elementary school yet and you have ALREADY programmed him to WILLINGLY VOLUNTEER and FORCE HER (if necessary) to TAKE HIS MONEY to help her out.


This DOES APPLY to any person that programs young males to FOOLISHLY come to the financial rescue of a female.


The reason why SO MANY males are FINANCIALLY RUINED by the time they are 40 is because of how he is RAISED to think and behave with HIS MONEY when it comes to interacting with a female.


She HASN'T FINISHED elementary school yet and she has ALREADY been programmed that males SHOULD GIVE HER his money to help her EVEN THOUGH she has NOT EARNED that right.


This is YOUR WARNING to not do what me and so many others have done in the past and what some others are still doing now.  I can speak on this because I've been there, done that and I am NEVER, EVER going to do that nonsense again.


So your dad and grand-daddy worked their asses off and GAVE up the money to a female (wife included) when she needed help WITHOUT QUESTION so now YOU THINK that is what you should do in today's times, huh?

That behavior by your dad and grand-dad MIGHT have been a good example BACK IN THE DAY but remember that WOMEN were MORE THOUGHTFUL and RESPONSIBLE with what little they had to work with BACK IN THE DAY. They SACRIFICED, DID WITHOUT and SAVED whatever money they did not NEED to spend that your dad and grand-dad brought home.


If ANYONE is STILL teaching a male to FINANCIALLY come to the rescue of a female in financial trouble, they are participating in the FINANCIAL demise of males and contributing to the FINANCIAL irresponsibility of females for helping a female that is financially F*CKED UP due to her own behavior.


At least 99.9 percent of the time, HER DEBT has nothing to do with what SHE DID to BENEFIT YOU or ASSIST YOU with any financial responsibilities or problems you may have or have had.


So why would you FOOLishly EXTEND yourself to help her OTHER THAN cause your LONELY, PATHETIC ass is trying to INDIRECTLY BUY some P*SSY from her?


Not one f*cking exception to this rule.


Rule #25: Never co-sign or loan her money 
Excerpt from my book, "The Good Man's Survival Guide - Rules of Engagement"

One of the most foolish things that males do is co-sign a loan and expect the female to maintain the payments until it’s paid off or loan her money expecting her to pay it back. 

Click link for entire rule:


If you come out of pocket and later on and she either breaks up with you or fucks you twice:

F*CK #1. Sexually to pay off that debt (unknowingly to your STUPID ass)

F*CK #2. Financially (cause she's not going to pay your STUPID ass any more money after the sex)

DO NOT BLAME anyone (including her) if you don't get the rest of your money OR you get stuck with a loan you co-signed for.

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