Friday, March 29, 2013

IMMEDIATELY STOP FOOLishly Pursuing (Chasing) Females

There is a VERY CLEAR difference between “expressing an interest in a female” and “pursuing a female”.

Males have WASTED SO MUCH of their time, resources and finances pursuing worthless, immature, entitlement minded females that he has a personal interest in. You should NOT have to pursue or chase ANY MATURE female. That FOOLISHNESS has got to STOP IMMEDIATELY.


This DOES NOT APPLY to women who do not play that IMMATURE MIND GAME.

This DOES APPLY to males who are looking to interact on a social or personal level with a female.


(Excerpts from my second book "Rules of Engagement")
Rule #18. Never Pursue (Chase) a Female

Many males, at a young age, are socialized to believe that being a man means competing for, trying to win over or pursuing a female in order to have her. That simply shows her HOW MUCH you think of her and HOW LITTLE you think of yourself if you have to do ANYTHING more than simply let her know you have an interest in getting to know her.

In today’s world only fools, officers of the law and DOGS will pursue a female but a wise man will NOT pursue her but rather express his personal interest to her and PURSUE HIS GOALS. He knows that females are drawn to the success a man has and the lifestyle that it provides her so he doesn’t waste his time doing foolish things like pursuing.


Only expend the amount of time, resources and minimal finances that are reasonably necessary to let her know you have a personal interest in her.


It’s ok to initiate contact and express an interest due to her being socialized to not initiate contact with the average male or her inability to function as a mature adult when you do make initial contact. Many are accustomed to playing that immature and childish hard to get or pursuit game so it will be necessary to express it more than once but no more than twice.

If you have approached her in a respectable manner, she is not stupid or psychological/emotional DAMAGED GOODS and has any interest in you then she will not avoid you. The best thing that you can do for you, unless you are an officer of the law or a DOG, is to not pursue and let her go.

Now if you are an officer then you are compelled to act in accordance with civilian laws if she has done something unlawful that requires pursuit.

IF NOT AN OFFICER then by default and the fact that you are pursuing (chasing) puts you in the category of either a FOOL or DOG. Hopefully you are not a fool and in that case, by default, you fall under the category of DOG and are now bound by DOG LAWS TREAT HER LIKE an ALPHA MALE DOG treats a FEMALE DOG which is PURSUE, CAPTURE, HUMP (with a condom) and MOVE ON since she is not attracted to or desire mature HUMAN behavior or LEAVE HER ALONE.

Many females, unless they know you have financial or social status, will base their initial decision as to whether or not she is attracted to you solely on the physical just as males do. A female, within the first few seconds of noticing you, knows if she finds you physically attractive based upon her own set of preferences.

There are MANY thoughtless, inconsiderate, MAN-USING females that exist that have a POTENTIAL MATE and a PLATONIC FRIEND (i.e., SUCKER ) criteria stored mentally that they use to qualify or disqualify you. The moment she sees you, she will mentally make an on the spot decision to let you in or lock you out. It is what you say or do after you are in that will keep you in which is why I strongly recommend you IMMEDIATELY apply Rule #30 once you get in.

She will act in a mature manner and let you in (which most of them don’t) or will allow you to pursue her in a manner that will only be of benefit to her. For that reason alone it’s to your advantage to not over-extend yourself.


If she is genuinely attracted to you and interested in getting to know more about you she will take no chances on losing that opportunity. If she is not attracted to you she will allow you to continue to foolishly waste your time for her benefit until she dumps you so think about it DOG the next time you get that urge to pursue.

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