Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Benefits of Choosing a Quality Woman

I am constantly WARNING males about inconsiderate, entitlement minded, pay my way, WORKING females that want to CLAIM to be Quality Women. I have read many comments on my post and on others that prove MOST "american" females are of LOW QUALITY and WILL NOT benefit the DECENT, common male that is looking for a loving, peaceful and productive relationship.


This DOES APPLY to the FEW women of quality that still exist. Although YOU are the minority, I appreciate the responsibility that you display for self and the LOVE and RESPECT that you display for males. Keep up the QUALITY work!!!

This DOES NOT APPLY to the WORTHLESS females who FALSELY CLAIM to be of QUALITY and give QUALITY women a BAD IMAGE. You are not now and NEVER will be of any quality because of your F*CKED UP, ENTITLEMENT MINDED, PAY MY WAY attitude.


As all of you know, I am no SIMP. I don't not pretend to be anything but a decent, average Joe that WILL NOT kiss ass, take shit from or PAY A FEMALE'S WAY in order to spend time with her. 

A quality woman can be a MATE or simply a GOOD and TRUSTWORTHY FRIEND. I have chosen two women that I feel are of QUALITY and should be HONORED and RESPECTED for their mindset and behavior. It does not matter if they are in a relationship or not. What matters is their OVERALL attitude which contributes to the EXAMPLE of what a QUALITY woman is and how she ENHANCES and DESERVES a good man.


ALWAYS REMEMBER, "A responsible and considerate woman that pays her own way will make you want to LIVE FOREVER with her" and "an irresponsible and inconsiderate female that expects (or requires) you to pay her way will make you REGRET you ever decided to waste your time with AND MONEY on her".

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