Sunday, March 3, 2013

Stop Thinking FOR a Female and Start Thinking LIKE a Female

This is very important if you are to be successful in the RING OF LIFE while minimizing the number of loses.

Most females, when engaging with good men, will exercise that DELAYED IMPLEMENTATION (doing for you) OPTION when it comes to being considerate of you. They will exercise that INSTANT GRATIFICATION (you doing for them) EXPECTATION when it comes to engaging with you.

If you were a player, pretty boy, thug or had social status, wealth or the perception of wealth (which depends on how good your game is) her attitude towards you would be different. She would produce instant implementation to get in and expect delayed gratification (enjoying your money and your lifestyle) after she has gotten in.

Sadly, many good males have that delayed gratification expectation when it comes to females because that is the way they have been raised by family or socialized to think and behave.

If you think LIKE the majority of females then YOU WILL LIE, BE DECEITFUL or REMAIN SILENT to conceal your deceit, have unreasonable expectations in the beginning, expect to have money spent on you, WITHHOLD SEX until you get what you want or give sex up to get what you want (which is not sex in return I might add), expect to be catered to and will move on to the next one if you don’t get what you want.

If you think FOR the majority of females you will FOOLISHLY expend your time, resources and finances in an attempt TO PROVE just how much you think of her and HOW LESS you think of yourself and the only EXPECTATIONS you will have is for her to allow you the opportunity to CATER TO HER.

Always think like her and look for what she has that will benefit or compliment you. Know what you want from her and if you don’t get it then juggle (or date as they call it) other females as well or dump her because she will do the same to you if someone else comes along that she either wants or that will give her want she wants.


This is the mentality of many females as it applies to the everyday male so you must think and behave the same way to protect you.

Why do they expect you to put forth most of the effort in order to spend time with them? It’s because many females have been raised or socialized to constantly seek ways to upgrade the value in the relationship primarily for their benefit.

They will do this in a couple of ways: 1) get you to constantly do more for her, give her more, she spends more and you pay for it or 2) dump you and move on to the next one she feels will give her that upgrade she constantly desires.

Many will value you based upon what you have that will benefit them. Unless you are noticeably doing well financially, they expect you to go out of your way and prove your worthiness to them without doing the same to you.

It’s time for you to expect more than the opportunity to cater to them and show how little you value you. If she expect benefits from you BEFORE proving her worthiness, then think LIKE HER and expect the same BEFORE proving yours. What you are simply doing is REFLECTING her behavior back at her.


If she does not like it then she needs to find herself a FOOL or change her INCONSIDERATE and SELFISH way of thinking and behaving. It's just that simple.

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