Thursday, February 28, 2013

Don’t Be $uckerMan to the Rescue and Pay or Help Pay Rer Bills

Hey, for the record, I went there and done that more than enough so I am an expert and throwing away my money so listen to me.  I am attempting to get you to an INTELLIGENT level and keep your money and good credit standings in the process.


This DOES APPLY to all males that want to PREVENT financial stress due to his being PROGRAMMED that a man is supposed to  help ($$$$$) a woman when she is in need.



1.  Were you there when she was spending that money and did you receive some enjoyment or pleasure from her doing so?

2.  If not, then why are you going to do something STUPID like bail her out so she can do it again?  Oh yea, SHE WILL do it again.

[From my book "Rules of Engagement"]

She created those bills so let her pay off those bills without your help. 

This is one of the worst mistakes a male makes in his foolish attempt to impress or buy his way into a female’s life and rescue her from financial responsibility or irresponsibility. 

He’s been conditioned to believe that a real man is responsible for taking care of a female which includes debts that she has created.  Those debts have been created to accommodate her lifestyle that did not benefit or include him in most cases.  Many of these females will spend foolishly on clothing, jewelry, cars, dining out, vacations to meet and flirt with men, etc. and now here comes that real SuckerMan to her financial rescue if that’s you. 

If you are really stupid she will have you believing that if you help her with her bills she will give you that relationship that you want.  You are used as a means to an end of her financial responsibilities.


Never volunteer to pay or agree to pay her bills.  When it comes to her bills the only thing you should give her is your advice on how to better manage her finances.


If she had respect for you and was considerate of you she would not think of infringing upon your finances expecting you to bail her out. 

If she did not create that bill or bills pleasing you then you should not even be thinking of helping her pay off those bills.  You would be paying for her lifestyle and pleasure that she has enjoyed without you and may still be enjoying without you.  If she did create that bill pleasing you then that’s the price she pays for the opportunity of spending time with you.

Be aware that many females will ask for your financial help by requesting to borrow money or have you pay her bill(s) and she will promise to pay you back later. 

Another method that is used falls under the term DRY BEGGING.  What she does is simply talk about her hard times financially and never directly ask for your help because she knows that you want her so badly that you will volunteer your financial services to help her.  That way, when she gets ready to dump you and you bring up what you’ve done for her she can say, “I didn’t ask you to do that, you did it because you wanted to do it”.  Gotcha!!  You don’t have a defensive leg to stand on after she’s said that.

A few of them may provide you a token prostitute act as an expression of her gratitude.  In most cases many of them will consider that act as payment in full for the money you expended.  In real terms you have just conducted a business transaction.

That business transaction should be a fair exchange where you get what you want first since most of them will never put anything in writing that will obligate them to comply.  If she is going to limit what she does in that transaction then you limit what you give.  There are also super-heavyweights out there that will ask for your financial help with no intentions of paying you back or servicing you.

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  1. This is the absolute truth. Men lose retirement funds and worse over the skeeze. BEEN THERE AND DONE THAT. No more free rides.