Monday, February 25, 2013

She Can Choose To Not Want You But You Can't Choose To Not Want Her?

That Way of Thinking Has Got To Stop Right Now!

There are 3 things that I REFUSE to COMPROMISE when it comes to involving myself personally with a female: 1) I refuse to chase or pursue, 2) I refuse to accept above a particular size and weight and 3) I refuse to accept an ATTITUDE that does not benefit me.


If you DON'T LIKE the image or this post then that's YOUR problem not mine.


Males have to STOP accepting that BAD ATTITUDE based upon what they physically like in a female. As I've stated before, "The LOOK will get me to come to her and the ATTITUDE will keep me there or turn me away from her".


CHASE/PURSUE. If that is her mentality, then not only is she a very immature, selfish and spoiled female that's accustomed to males behaving in such a manner but she also DOES NOT VALUE YOU.

SIZE/WEIGHT. I know what turns me on and what turns me off. I am not lonely, desperate or broke trying to get some female to financially support me so I do not have to pretend to be attracted to her. 

ATTITUDE. I am not looking for a Queen. Queens are nothing but "entitlement minded, pay my way, treat me special even though I have not earned it" bitches looking for a servant that she will call her man AS LONG AS he caters to her in the manner SHE chooses and maybe she will periodically reward him.


Place some VALUE on yourself and establish some standards and have some expectations from her besides her having a set of TITS and a P*SSY that she MAY share with you because even that is not guaranteed AFTER you do what she EXPECTS of you.


I AM NOT telling any of you males what to like, be attracted to or accept in your personal life based upon physical appearance. 

I AM trying to convince you what to accept or not accept in your personal life based on HER attitude and behavior towards you but in the end it's you that have to decide and live with it and not me.

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  1. Too many young men in today's society have no self esteem and will accept whatever "thing" comes along. This needs to be a wakeup call. Wait for the right one.