Saturday, February 16, 2013

Why Have a NO SEX Before Marriage Policy?

Have you ever heard some females say, "I am not going to have sex AGAIN until after I'm married". This typically will be what she says to the common, decent, average Joe male cause her SEXUAL desire for him is far less than her FINANCIAL desire for him.


This DOES APPLY to the common, decent, average Joe male cause you are NOT looked upon in a SEXUAL manner.

This DOES NOT APPLY to the player, pretty boy, thug or financially well-to-do males because MOST females will do just about any SEXUAL act imaginable in order to get you to marry her.


Every time I hear "I am not going to have sex until after I'm married", the first thing that comes to mind is, "Oh yea, she WILLINGLY f*cked, freaked, sucked and MANY TIMES even swallowed for INDECENT males she wanted to marry BEFORE she was married hoping to get him to marry her and CHANGE HIM or HOPE HE WOULD CHANGE LATER.

After one or numerous relationship attempts, WILLINGLY CONFORMING to the SEXUAL DESIRES of males that were NEVER going to marry her, she has DECIDED to place SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE ON HOLD for the common, DECENT Joe until after he marries her.


1. Does sex before marriage ruin a relationship?
2. What is the benefit of omitting sex before marriage?
3. What if the sex is not satisfactory after the marriage?
4. Is oral or anal sex ACCEPTABLE OPTIONS to engage in before marriage?
5. Is vaginal penetration the ONLY OPTION that is off limits before marriage?


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