Thursday, February 28, 2013

Jai Duval's "Rules of Engagement Classroom" - Ho, Bitch or Partner?

It's EXTREMELY important that YOUNG males be educated in an intelligent and mature manner that benefits them FIRST or the majority of them will pay a handsome price later on in life.


The labels below are to be applied based SOLELY upon her thinking and behavior and NOT based upon YOUR past experiences.

This IS NOT INTENDED to degrade but rather to IDENTIFY and SEPARATE the considerate, RESPONSIBLE, man-loving women from the inconsiderate, IRRESPONSIBLE, entitlement minded, man-using females that attempt to pass themselves off as ladies. No decent woman will argue or debate this TRUTH.

This DOES NOT APPLY to males who think like me and already practices my philosophy.

This DOES APPLY to males who feel trapped in a relationship they did not want to get in to begin with.

This DOES APPLY to males that don't know how or have been raised to THINK
LESS for themselves and THINK MORE for a female.

This DOES APPLY to females in any country who's behavior fit at least 1 of the 3 descriptions below.


When you first meet a female, NEVER ASSUME what type she is.  You should refer to her simply as a female since she HAS NOT DISPLAYED any behavior that could place her in ANY of the 3 types below.  The word female is correct and it DOES NOT PRAISE them and place them on a pedestal and DOES NOT DISRESPECT them and place them in the gutter.

FOR THIS BEGINNER CLASS, I am going to CLEARLY describe the mindset and behavior of the 3 most common female types in this country that you will encounter:

1.  HO.  She is a business person and your interaction with her is STRICTLY BUSINESS to her.  She is scrappy and competitive but will be very co-operative if you provide the finances required to spend time with her. She periodically will put up resistance but all you have to do is pull out that cash or credit card and she will cease the resistance and cater to your needs. They sell their time and what is done with it is negotiable which may NOT include sex if that’s what you were thinking. There are two basic sub-classes, affordable and overpriced Hos. NEVER ATTACH your emotions to a Ho.  Simply pay the admission fee, get what you pay for and move on.  If you can find a better business transaction, by all means take it and DUMP THE OTHER one.

2.  BITCH.  She is loud, vulgar and will go toe-to-toe, trade blows with you and knock you out if you don’t keep your guards up and protect yourself. She is masterful in the ring. She expects you to spend money as well as cater to her. She expects you to expect nothing more than to be grateful that she has allowed you the opportunity to serve her when she (not you) wants service.

There are SUPER-HEAVYWEIGHT BITCHES prowling out there that are extremely bitter due to their own selfish and poor choices in males. Their mission in life is to seek and destroy the male by any means. They do not want what you have and do not function by any rules. They can knock you out even with your guards up so avoid them completely.

3.  PARTNER.  She is calm, sensible and interacts with men in a MATURE and SENSIBLE manner.  She is considerate, respectful and responsible with good potential to become a mate or friend. Although she has been conditioned to take what she can, she PAYS HER OWN WAY and is willing to work with a man and not against him, has a genuine interest in him, values him and not what he has or not what he can spend on her. She will spend time with him periodically expecting an admission fee due to her conditioning but not requiring it.  If he asks her to pay her own way, she will do so WITHOUT ATTITUDE and still enjoy her time with him getting to know him.


This class is ONLY about identifying what kind of female you are interacting with based upon HER BEHAVIOR.

I'm not telling you who to choose.  I'm simply educating you on what to expect AFTER you have chosen.


  1. Now this is really breaking it down. I am no longer married and my ex has custody of my now 16 year old son. I can see that his chances of being victimized by these bitches are very good based on the influence from his mother. I will let my son read this and encourage him to read your other blogs and then let him decide on the type of girls he want to spend his time with. He's planning on going to medical school to be a doctor and he will need stull like this to keep him focused on goals. Thanks Jai and keep up the good work informing and educating.

  2. Hope more men will get to read this... Includimg females, maybe by realising their behaviour they might change or behave in a better manner

  3. Yeap I agree. I have already past this info onto my kids (boy 19.5 and girl 18) and my son already says "what is in it for me?" and my daughter says "don't let her use you Dad". That is a start. Thanks Dr. JAI!