Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Good Father Starts With His Selection Of The "Mother-To-Be"

Time to kick some males in the ass. Too many males believe that being a good father means providing time, resources and finances for his child or children. Well, that is partially correct.


This DOES APPLY to all decent, common, average Joe males that are truly concerned about the fate of their yet-to-be-born child or children.


A truly good father is EVEN MORE concerned about the female that "may" become the mother of his child or children.

Males have been made to believe that child care and concern comes AFTER that child is born but I TOTALLY disagree with that philosophy. Child care and concern for YOUR child or children should come BEFORE you ejaculate inside of a female.

It's time to STOP allowing YOUR bottom head to dictate the fate and future of YOUR child or children and pay more attention to that female's character and if she behaves in a RESPONSIBLE manner (manages her finances well AS WELL AS pays her own way while in your company) and CONSIDERATE manner (thoughtful of how her behavior negatively or positively impacts you and others) as opposed to her pretty face, breasts, ass or thought of getting some p*ssy from her.


Why would you RISK THE FATE and FUTURE of YOUR child or children for the sake of getting some RECYCLED p*ssy?


Don’t be embarrassed if you've KNOCKED UP a Skeezer because it has happened to many others as well. You were not the first and you won’t be the last. Here is my 3 STEP RECOVERY method if it has happened to you:

STEP 1 – Admit to yourself that you were STUPID and allowed yourself to KNOCK UP a Skeezer.

STEP 2 – Examine and understand exactly why you were so STUPID to begin with.

STEP 3 – Take the necessary corrective action to avoid ever repeating that type of STUPID behavior again.


Don't blame some Skeezer that YOU CHOSE to foolishly ejaculate inside of IF YOUR daughter or daughters end up a little Skeezer with the same inconsiderate, f*cked up attitude as their mom.

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