Monday, February 25, 2013

The Average Joe Male Suffers From PMS Just As Females Do

Oh boo hoo hoo when YOUR PMS flares up but how about ours? If you want sensitivity and understanding for YOUR PMS then you will have to function in the same manner during OUR PMS.


This DOES NOT APPLY to women who are understanding of and WILL NOT ALLOW the male to experience PMS whenever possible.


There is a NON-CHEMICAL base, ALL NATURAL CURE for a man's PMS with absolutely NO PHYSICAL SIDE EFFECTS to him although there MAY be a FINANCIAL ($$$) SIDE EFFECT associated with it depending on the female.  It's called P*ssy.


Why don't females provide that cure they possess which ALSO will naturally reproduce itself within her with no side effects to her?


Because MANY females are RAISED to BARTER that CURE instead of simply PROVIDE it to the male. If she does not get what she wants and his PMS was a matter of life or death... he would die.


If you are CONSTANTLY going through PMS with her just realize one thing, "She's NOT the ONLY female that carries THE CURE".

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  1. Wow!! Now that is REAL MAN talk there. I am a 28 year old man that's frustrated with the attitudes of these American women here. I was told about your blogs through a friend of mine. I have been in the states for just about a year and I can't believe the shit that goes on here with these women.

    I am going to use this the next time I hear PMS come out of their mouth. I'm going to say, "I will give you some space during your PMS episode if you give me some pussy during my PMS episode. It's just that simple".

    Your blogs are bring to the surface a new meaning to the word relationship that many of us males totally forgot about or stopped using.

    Thanks Jai Duval. I am going to read more and apply more of your blogs in my everyday interacting with these women.