Thursday, February 28, 2013

Why Do Females Complain About Males Not Respecting Them?

We fail these young males when we DO NOT intelligently educate them on what really goes on in the "Ring of Life". His best strategy when engaging (interacting) with females is to apply "common sense" and "logic". Those are the tools that will keep his ass off of the canvas floor.


This DOES APPLY to males that desire to improve the quality of their lives and eliminate wasting time doing something they should NOT be doing due to someone else's interpretation of respect.


[MY RESPONSE to respect from my book "Rules of Engagement"]

What does respecting the female mean and how am I supposed to give her respect?


The word respect has been constantly misused as it applies to how a male is to treat females. Let’s begin by understanding that respect should be earned and not foolishly given just because she is a female. 

Let me define respect as a noun and as a verb and explain how it should be applied to females. 

“Respect (noun) – The state of being regarded with honor”

- Before she can be regarded with honor she has to do honorable things. You have to ask yourself the question, “What honorable thing has she done to deserve respect”?

“Respect (verb) – To avoid violation of or interference with”

- Avoid violation simply means do her no harm. Avoid interference means do not obstruct, hinder or impede whatever it is that she is doing. 

You do not have to assist or help (as they love to state) her with whatever it is she is attempting to do. Assisting or helping her is an option, not a requirement and has nothing to do with respect.

Neither definition states anything about giving her or doing for her. Most females today feel as if respect means giving her money, paying bills, taking her places at your expense of course or doing things for her. That has nothing to do with respect and will only benefit her and not you.



If you learn to engage INTELLIGENTLY you will soon realize that there will be FEWER females in your life which will free you up for more important things that BENEFIT YOU RATHER THAN HER.

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