Sunday, February 10, 2013

VALENTINE'S DAY: That Big Consummation Day DISASTER for Many

Here go the ANXIETY ATTACK for you again. So you DID NOT take my advice and you went ahead and SPENT all that money and time with her during the holidays so now YOU THINK it's time for the two of to CONSUMMATE what YOU PAID and HOPED for? Better think again HER LITTLE FRIEND.


This DOES APPLY to all the decent, common, average Joe males that DID NOT following my advice.


There are so many of you that will go through I am NOT going to go into detail about my "DeAr Hunting Season" philosophy. I am going to place an excerpt here as well as the link for you go to it, if you wish, and read the entire post.



The final official day, the second most stressful day and the FINAL opportunity of the season. The good man has been ALLOWED, during the season, to spend time with her and more importantly spend money on her and he has now become emotionally attached. He wants to pop the commitment question but knows, “I Love Her and She Loves Me Not”.

POST SEASON: February 15th - September 5th

Termination Notification Time (TNT). This is the DAGGER-IN-THE-BACK (that pierces the heart) time when Skeezers issue termination notices to the good men they suckered during the season. They have received enough attention, money, gifts and a huge self-esteem boost to last them throughout the post season. Notices to their victims are similar to the one below:

“Sweetie, thank you for the gifts, dinners and time we spent together these past few months. You’ve been a nice friend, a gentleman and a God sent blessing. Did I tell you that my ex and I are getting back together (or “Did I tell you I met someone”)? He is very jealous and would not like me spending time with another man. I am sure you will find that special someone. Thanks again for everything. WE wish you the best”.



Which option are you going to take? Are you going to "try" and BUY some RECYCLED, UNEMOTIONALLY attached, OVER-PRICED p*ssy for what just may POSSIBLY be for THAT DAY ONLY?


I believe that MOST of you will PAY and HOPE and especially those of you that HAVE been doing and NOT receiving what you prefer IF you are receiving anything at all.


I tried to WORK WITH many of you so when that time comes I want to be the first in like to LAUGH AT and TALK ABOUT you.

Link to "DeAr Hunting Season" blog:

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