Tuesday, February 19, 2013

STOP Sacrificing Your Time, Resources and Finances For Her

STOP Sacrificing Your Time, Resources and Finances For Her and START Investing and Enjoying Your Time, Resources and Finances For You. 

Just another WARNING to you males out there who have been putting their lives ON HOLD in order to get, make and keep some UNDESERVING and UNPROVEN female happy. Stop that nonsense.



This DOES APPLY to all males who have been raised, programmed to do whatever it takes in pursuit of a female.

This DOES APPLY to males who have been raised, programmed to DE-VALUE their self-worth and have to "do favors" or "pay" in order to get the attention of or be accepted by a female.


I speak from PAST (many, many years ago) experience regarding FOOLish behavior on my part because I was to believe that males are supposed to NOT EXPECT ANYTHING from a female but her being in our lives. That was supposed to be a treasure to us that was WORTH it's weight in gold. 

That is nothing but BULLSHIT nowadays created to benefit her and not you. NO FEMALE that you have a personal interest in should be treated special UNTIL she does something special for you (ladies first, remember that "phrase").


1. Is that YOU in that photo doing the SMART THING and leaving? 

2. Do you even realize that there are WOMEN out there that WILL place value in YOUR CHARACTER as opposed to YOUR SERVITUDE or WALLET?

3. Do you feel the need to "Pay or Do More in Order to Stay while Continuing to Receive Less"?


Time for YOU to put an end to HER de-valuing you. Time to RID yourself of that emotional and financial BURDEN and start fresh:

1. You will make your interest in getting to know her known simply by using WORDS and NOT using MONEY.

2. You will NOT TAKE anything from her and NOT GIVE anything (but your time) to her.

3. You shall DO NO HARM to her and will treat her in a considerate manner which has NOTHING to do with spending money on her.

4. You are going to START placing value on yourself as opposed to DE-VALUING yourself trying to BUY YOUR TIME with her.

5. SHE IS NO MORE OR LESS THAN YOU. You are to TREAT HER as an EQUAL which means she is going to be accountable for HER actions and financially responsible for herself (you DO NOT PAY her way) if you want to spend time with her.

6. You are to ACCEPT that "No Means No" and don't participate in that IMMATURE GAME of PLAYING HARD TO GET cause it has no benefit to you.


What you are going to EXPECT of her is something that SHE IS CAPABLE of doing. If she REFUSES or ARGUES with you about it, LEAVE HER IMMEDIATELY because what that means is that SHE DOES NOT care about you.

Do you even care about you?

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