Thursday, February 28, 2013

Why Do Females Call Males Cheap?

I am sure that MOST males have heard that word before coming out of the mouth of an Entitlement Minded, Pay My Way Skeezer. It's time to 1) STOP "paying for Ho's", 2) STOP "being tricked by Bitches" and 3) UNDERSTAND exactly what "cheap" means when you hear it out of her mouth.


This DOES APPLY to males that desire to improve the quality of their lives and eliminate wasting time doing something they should NOT be doing due to someone else's interpretation of respect.


[MY RESPONSE to respect from my book "Rules of Engagement"]

I am tired of hearing females call me or other males cheap. How do I respond to that?


Cheap is their indirect way of saying, “you are not spending any or enough money on me”. Any female that calls you cheap is simply trying to give you a guilt trip and extract money from you.

Chances are that if she makes a comment like that to you she has no genuine concern for you. From that moment on, until proven different by her, use as many lies and deception as you can on her to get what you want. She does not care.

The moment she makes a comment like that to or about you that validates the FACT that she does not care about YOUR character.



DO NOT fall for that trick and spend more on her (if anything at all). So when you hear a female refer to you as "cheap", it's about YOUR MONEY spent on her while she saves or spends HER MONEY at a later time on HER or on SOMEONE SHE CARES ABOUT since it's obviously NOT YOU.

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