Wednesday, February 27, 2013

ARE YOU WAITING TO EXHALE?: Busy Just "May" Be An Excuse

Life is measured in and expires with time.  Life is precious and time is irreplaceable because time is life and as time goes so does your life. 

If you value your life then don't foolishly waste time waiting for or wanting a female that DOES NOT have the time or WILL NOT give you the time in order to get to know her.  Since time waits for no one, why would you foolishly wait for her?


This DOES NOT APPLY to women who are legitimately overwhelmed with obligations and responsibilities.


I'm sure that many of you males have been in the position.  I know that I was not the only one so MATURE UP and accept the way it WAS (note that I did say WAS and not IS). 

This year has to be a change of thinking and behavior for the decent, average Joe males.  That WAITING TO EXHALE behavior SHOULD NOT be one of your options with a female that DOES NOT take time to cater to you.

When it comes to a female telling you she is "busy", there are two types out there:

1.  LEGITIMATELY BUSY.  She is simply "overwhelmed" with her obligations and responsibilities and has VERY LITTLE or NO TIME for socializing,

2.  NOT INTERESTED IN YOU.  She is simply "not interested" in you and does not value you enough to make time for you. 


1.  Busy (activity) is a necessity if one is to produce something so if you aren't active, you really aren’t producing a thing. 

2.  Unavailable, in most cases, is simply a choice that she makes.  No female on OUR LEVEL (talking about the common, average Joe male) is so busy that she cannot make herself available.  She just choose to be UNAVAILABLE for you because
they don't value you.


BUSY means full of activity and UNAVAILABLE means not capable of being seen.  We all have activity in our lives but for most it’s ACTIVITY WITH NO PRODUCTIVITY which means many of us are expending a lot of TIME PRODUCING NOTHING.

The next time you have an interest in a female and she tells you that she "is too busy" or “is not available” simply turn and walk away.  If she truly is too busy you will never have enough time to get to know her anyway.  There will only be just
enough time to spend money on her and then back to her busy life.  Is that what you are looking for? 

Females have sacrificed their future and their children’s future many times for men that they valued that openly did not give a crap about them.  So why don’t she have time for you?  It doesn’t matter.  She doesn’t so just move on.


These would be my do's and do not's in response to her being "too busy" for me:


DO get out of denial thinking that she is interested in me and does value me

DO value myself and know that other women out there will spend time with me

DO utilize some of that time LEARNING things that will improve my life and career

DO spend her BUSY TIME with another or other females if I am seeking female companionship


DO NOT get angry at her

DO NOT try to convince her to spend time with me

DO NOT question why she don't have enough time for me

DO NOT make myself available for her since she isn't doing it for me

DO NOT allow her or me to make excuses for not spending time with me

DO NOT think that I can still just be friends if I have a personal interest in her

DO NOT de-value myself as she has done me by sitting around waiting for her to have time for me


If at some other point in time THAT FEMALE that was too busy for you NOW becomes available AND you are not in a serious relationship AND she wants to spend time with you AND you are still interest in her THEN you need to SIT HER DOWN and question her motives.

Many of those females STILL DO NOT value you and is just BORED and KNOW they can KILL TIME WITH YOU any time SHE CHOOSES.  Once SHE has fulfilled HER BOREDOM, she will AGAIN become too busy for you.

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  1. This is textbook skeezing because a man is having his time, effort and dignity STOLEN. Todays young men are at a SEVERE disadvantage against the skeeze and they need to arm themselves with knowledge.