Thursday, January 31, 2013

2013: Why Are You Complaining Yet Still Behaving Like This?

Far too often males have COMPROMISED themselves and their value when interacting with females and have come up on the losing end the MAJORITY of the time. We have to expect better. 


This DOES APPLY to those decent, common, average Joe males who desire to interact with WORKING WOMEN that are thoughtful, responsible and seek to get to know the "Contents of a Man's Character (pay for herself)" as opposed to the "Contents of a Man's Wallet (pay her way)".

This DOES NOT APPLY to males who do not want to change their TRAINED lifestyle and behavior.

This DOES NOT APPLY to males who have willingly SURRENDERED THEIR BACKBONE and DIGNITY in exchange for COMPANIONSHIP and SERVITUDE in a relationship.


Time to STOP compromising fairness, respect, accountability and responsibility when it comes to how SHE is supposed to treat YOU. Those qualities are something SHE HAS the ability to perform and WILL NOT BE NEGOTIATED between you and her.

It's now time to ABANDON past behavior that has cause the decent, common, average Joe male to extend himself BEYOND what is fair and typically end up "DECREASING the years in HIS life" or end up hearing, "I think it's better that we be friends" after all of his effort.

A new foundation needs to be established to PREVENT him from being taken advantage of while ALLOWING the female to display GOOD CHARACTER towards him.

This is my proposed foundation:


Expect from me ONLY that which YOU DO to or for me




Accept the consequences of YOUR actions


YOU want it then YOU pay for it

YOU break it then YOU repair it or PAY to have it repaired

YOU want to spend time getting to know me then YOU ask me

YOU want to spend time doing things together getting to know me then YOU pay your own way


MANY females will read that foundation and say, "Well, what do I need a man for IF I have to do all of that". 


That foundation ESTABLISHES YOU as a responsible adult, a considerate human being and a "potential" friend or mate.


Why is it that MANY females feel IF THEY HAVE to be responsible FOR THEMSELVES then they DON'T NEED a man?

What ever happened to working together to MINIMIZE the stress, wear and tear on the mind and body so that LIFE can be LONGER and NOT SHORTER.


I guess that mindset ONLY APPLIES to a female who VALUES YOU and truly wants you to EXTEND YOUR LIFE with her for as long as HUMANLY possible.


I would conclude that they feel THE MAN should be BURDENED with the RESPONSIBILITY of maintaining himself and her if she is to be with him. This is how YOU DECREASE the number of years in your life while SHE INCREASES the number of year in her life.

I would personally suggest that if ANY female argues, disagrees totally or partially with the foundation above, you need to simply LEAVE HER ALONE because it shows you she is NOT reasonable and she TRULY do not value you or your company.

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