Wednesday, January 30, 2013

If They Truly "Loved" Children, They Would Not Have Them Until They Have Properly Prepared Themselves

MOST of the females having babies DON'T GIVE A SHIT about the baby's fate or well-being BEFORE they have them.  It's ALL ABOUT HER and how SHE CAN BENEFIT from having that baby whether she is MARRIED or NOT MARRIED.


This DOES NOT APPLY to females who were married KNOWING (NOT HOPING) that their husbands were responsible and wanted to have a family.

This DOES NOT APPLY to females who were NOT married but still KNOWING (NOT HOPING) that their mates were responsible and wanted to have a family.

This DOES APPLY to females who KNEW the man they were f*cking (don't give me that "we made love" or "had a love child" nonsense) was NOT RESPONSIBLE, was married, was already in a relationship or had a child or children he was not supporting yet they got pregnant anyway.


How STUPID are you males going to continue to be.  You have to STOP ALLOWING females to use that "Victim Card" or "I Made a Mistake Card" EXCUSE when it comes to them GETTING KNOCKED UP and having babies when they are in dysfunctional relationships or when they are not prepared to care for a child.

[UNPLANNED PREGNANCY or MISTAKE?  That's bullshit!!!]

REMEMBER she always has the OPTION to simply say NO if both of you aren't using some sort of birth control.

THE ONLY MISTAKES that occur during sexual intercourse AND the female gets pregnant is when BOTH of them ARE TAKING some sort of BIRTH CONTROL and she gets pregnant.
Now who do you think is going to get the short end of the stick STUCK UP THEIR ASS when she gets pregnant?



STOP EJACULATING inside of females UNTIL you have established a long-term, HEALTHY relationship and SHE has displayed maturity, ability to sacrifice, and the ability to be FINANCIALLY responsible.

STOP FEMALES with that, "Well, he said he wanted children" nonsense when she knew he was irresponsible or was f*cking another or other females.

STOP COMING TO THE RESCUE of females that get KNOCKED UP and then want to BLAME THE MAN for her getting pregnant.


All females have the absolute control and power over conception and pregnancy.  There is the Plan B contraceptive that can be taken within 48 or 72 hours AFTER a man has ejaculated inside of her to dramatically minimize the chances of conception AND there are other prescribed and over-the-counter forms of birth control. 

Here are a couple exceptions for females getting pregnant:

-  If she is abducted, held against her will, constantly RAPED until she conceives, held until she gets pregnant and gives birth.

-  If she is MENTALLY DISABLE and incapable of making mature, rational and responsible decisions.


I have ALWAYS stated that when it comes to the well-being and future of children, "I don't care what any female negatively thinks about what I say if it does not make them look good in the eyes of others".

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  1. Why is this geared towards being the SOLE responsibility of the female? Men know better, cover up to not only prevent pregnancy, but to protect yourself and females from STDs. Contrary to what you think, women do not have "absolute control and power", men can just say no also. Come on Man!