Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Women (not Ho's and Bitches) BEFORE YOU protested, cried out TO THE WORLD, fought and went to jail for you to be treated equally so now you got it. But what?? You don't want the RESPONSIBILITY that comes with it? "It's a packaged deal so TAKE BOTH or NONE".



This DOES NOT APPLY to responsible WOMEN who pay their own way.

This DOES APPLY to decent, common, average Joe males who ARE seeking a considerate and responsible woman.

This DOES NOT APPLY to males who are HOPING to get some of her RECYCLED PUSSY by spending a lot of money on her.

This DOES APPLY to working Ho's and Bitches (I will not disgrace responsible women by calling you a woman) who EXPECT a man to pay their way.

This DOES NOT APPLY to males who LOVE spending their money on females. It's your money so do with it as you please.

This DOES NOT APPLY to males who BELIEVE that men are supposed to spend their money on the female and the female is to spend her money as she pleases. It's your money so do with it as you please.


"If you work just like me then you pay your own way just like me".

I am about tired of hearing males whine and complain about that CHILD-LIKE, IRRESPONSIBLE, INCONSIDERATE, Entitlement Mindset and behavior of certain females when it comes to HIS MONEY.

If you have to argue with or justify to ANY WORKING female why she should be FINANCIALLY RESPONSIBLE for herself while spending time with you then LEAVE HER ALONE.


If you believe that life has short-changed you and:

1) YOU are making LESS MONEY than the Joe's you are hustling, 

2) YOU can't afford to SPEND THE TYPE OF MONEY Joe is spending on you for the lifestyle and entertainment YOU DESIRE, then...

Get yourself a better paying job or take YOUR MONEY ISSUES up with YOUR EMPLOYER and STOP SUPPLEMENTING YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES off the efforts and sacrifices of men.


JOE: If it's genuine COMPANIONSHIP you are looking for then AVOID those "pay my way FEMALES" and get yourself a "pay her own way WOMAN".

JOE: If your are HORNY and just trying to get some RECYCLED PUSSY then STOP fooling around with those AMATEUR CLOSET Ho's with a regular job that's going to try and run GAME on you and give you nothing and simply get yourself a PROFESSIONAL Ho.

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