Sunday, January 27, 2013

FORGET ABOUT HER: What Does "Your Future" Look Like?

My concern is NOT for the well-being and future of MOST females. This system and the STUPID decisions of males, that will not listen to me, will financially provide for and take care of them.



This DOES APPLY to any decent male that truly cares about HIS future and well-being ABOVE the future and well-being of females that DID NOT CONTRIBUTE to his growth and development.


Tell me about your future? Are you financially stable, working towards that OR are you spending TIME and MONEY in your attempts to get the attention, acceptance, p*ssy from (one or several females) or a relationship with a particular female? Trust me (from experience) when I say that you CANNOT ACCOMPLISH both of those things IF you are attempting to do them at the same time. 

All you will do is help her SECURE what she wants and MOST of them have been raised and feel as if they can ALWAYS go to some other male that has secured HIS future later and live off of his sacrifices and earnings AS LONG AS SHE HAS A P*SSY because YOU are just that WEAK.


What is it that makes the decent man put himself, his productivity, his prosperity, his happiness, his peace of mind and his self worth BELOW that of a female's?


I am concerned about the thinking and behavior of those decent, common, average Joe males who have SACRIFICED or IS STILL SACRIFICING that which he has worked for and earned BECAUSE he was told he is SUPPOSED TO BE the primary provided EVEN IF SHE has a job and is making money.

I am concerned about how those SAME MALES are NOT taught to EXPECT financial participation and effort from females (especially working and physically capable one) DURING the dating period and AFTER there has been a marital or non-marital commitment.

I am concerned about the SELF-INFLICTED PAIN and SUFFERING that goes on with those males simply to make or keep her happy.

I am concerned that although those males are WITNESS to other males RUINING THEIR LIVES in that manner that THEY CONTINUE to think and behave in such a non-productive (for him) manner.


Listen to me now or risk lots of disappointment, pain, suffering and FINANCIAL LOSS later if you choose for HER BENEFIT as opposed to YOUR BENEFIT.

ANY FEMALE that comes to you EXPECTING YOU to financially support her OR financially pay her way while spending time with you (AND SHE HAS A JOB) is the type of female YOU DON'T NEED IN YOUR COMPANY or YOUR LIFE.

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