Monday, January 28, 2013

MOST Males Are Cowards and Will Remain In Bad Relationships

I have to say that MOST males aren't going to do a thing about their UNHAPPY situation because they would rather DO and accept little to nothing from her in return rather than be without her".


This DOES APPLY to ALL males that are NOT receiving the kind of treatment they DESIRE in the relationship they are in.

This DOES APPLY to ALL males that are DOING and NOT receiving and have been told to simply PRAY about it.

This DOES APPLY to ALL males that KNOW they should leave but their DIGNITY has been stripped by her and his SELF-ESTEEM is too low to want to do something about it.


I believe that it is down right PATHETIC that so many of you males are STILL in a relationship that is BENEFITING HER but NOT YOU. You read my posts, throw your fist up in the air, say "hell yea" and then RUN BACK to those same types of females that I ADVISE YOU to avoid.

"What Is Wrong With You Man"? Show some courage and make a choice:

1. Take my advice, change YOUR life in a manner that will BENEFIT YOU or,

2. Shut up, stop reading my posts and SERVE HER in the manner that SHE DEMANDS of you.

You can't come to my party, have a good time and then GO RIGHT back to that miserable situation after I've made you feel good about yourself. It's HER UNGRATEFUL ASS that is supposed to be making you feel good about yourself. You are supposed to come to my party to simply ENHANCE the good feelings that she is already giving you.

Most males are just paying, doing and hoping for a relationship and MAYBE an occasional piece from time to time when she feels like SHE want to REWARD HIM like the Pavlov's Dog Experiment:


The idea is that if we associate one thing with another (in this case, associate a bell with food), that eventually the same things will happen when the associated thing happens as when the original impetus happens. The dogs would start salivating when they saw their food... so they would ring a bell when the food came, and eventually, the dogs would start salivating when the bell rang... even when it was not accompanied by food.


The same thing happens in everyday life to those 9 out of 10 males above. She has conditioned him to think that AS LONG AS he is with her, there is HOPE that things will get better for him so he continues to do more for her. If he becomes frustrated she MAY show him what he is MAY get or even break him off a piece so that he REMAINS OBEDIENT to her.


There is no need to agree with this post IF YOU:

1. Are in an unhappy and uncooperative relationship and YOU REFUSE to leave it.

2. Are NOT getting the respect and FAIR treatment you should be getting but you refuse to change the way you think and behave.


TO THE 9 OUT OF 10 MALES that's reading this that WILL NOT change their situation, I can only say " MORE PAIN, FRUSTRATION and DISAPPOINTMENT to you".

TO THAT COURAGEOUS 1 OUT OF 10 MALES that has decided to DUMP that ungrateful, entitlement minded female and CHANGE the way he thinks and behaves, I wish you much happiness, peace of mind and prosperity in your future.


  1. Wow, Wow, Wow. Where has this blog been hiding? Just discovered you JD and you have been so on point with your message. I have wondered for sooo many years..."I thought a woman really wants a good man"...yeah, in the end of the game. I'll have to read your entire archived posts. You've been saying what's been in the back of my head and now I know I am not alone. Thanks for sharing.
    Mr. T.

  2. Mr. T I am also on Facebook as "jai duval" so if you wish to read more and you are on facebook send me a friend request.

    1. Real lessons learned on false abuse , Keep notes, videos, recordings, text but was saved when I was falsely accused of abuse against my daughter four yrs AFTER the divorce LOL. My daughter's own text msgs to me were my main evidence in court or I could have had 20yrs (fortunely I owned my kid's cellphone account thus had rights to get the direct evidence )... Oh of course, I implemented your advice JAI. I did not have your tools in my two 10 year marriages so got screwed then. Trying harder now like with my current dating best practices. Thanks for your help and tools.